This could be the most unique museum in the world—Pooseum: Would you want to go there?


You might think museums filled with expensive paintings, sculptures and art are for the atas people who can appreciate them, but do you know there exists a museum for those who are…not very atas? It displays things we are all aware of, things we ourselves make.

No, don’t get too excited. Before this Goody Feed writer disgusts herself further, here is the Pooseum. Yes you read that right, not museum, but Pooseum, as in poo.

Pooseum is located at the Isle of Wight Zoo in the United Kingdom. It features real-life exhibits (of poo) from both animals and humans. They dedicate themselves in presenting to you poo from various mammals: from the fossilised poo from 140 million years ago, to the tawny owl poo pellet containing bones and teeth, you’ll be captivated by so much interesting and variety of poo.

Pooseum also believes that even though poo elicits strong negative reactions from pretty much everyone, we should acknowledge it as a process of nature. The Pooseum collects excrement from the wild, not only from the United Kingdom, but also from different countries, from different animals.


They accept donations too – of course not from you but relevant museums like the Isle of Wight Dinosaur Musuem. They have even developed and build their own special, one of a kind, poo-drying machine. This machine desiccates (draws out water) from poo. Fact: A stick insect poo can dry within an hour, but a lion’s takes 2 weeks!

Interestingly, this Sandown-based zoo announced their opening on Good Friday. Promising that it wasn’t an April Fools’ day prank, a spokesperson mentioned “It’s stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff — but it’s all around us and inside us too — and perhaps surprisingly our planet would be a much poorer place without it!” It’s true though, poo has so many functions – from manure, removing waste from the body to helping seeds germinate, the world will indeed be unsustainable without poos’ function.

Oh, by the way, check out their amazing puns.

“The National Poo Museum’s mission is to ‘lift the lid’ on the secret world of poo…” and “The National Poo Museum also intends to ‘rub people’s noses’ in important poo-related issues…”


WOW that is some strong imagery you have there.

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