This hack allows you to open a soft-drink without getting splash—true or false?


Ever open a can of soft drink hurriedly without waiting for the gassiness to subside? One minute you’re in your perfect outfit and the next minute you’re drenched in sweet gassy drink as it sprays onto your shirt, leaving visible stains and a sick feeling. Sian. There has been a famous lifehack that teaches you how to reduce the fizziness and gassiness of these drinks right before opening, but well, Goodyfeed is here to dispel, or evaluate this myth.

Check out this video by YouTube user Pratiks in English, which features a way too overly enthusiastic guy shaking 2 cans of coke. This video has over 200 thousand views, probably from a bunch of soda drinkers too frustrated getting splashed on. Watch what happens. The man in the video taps the top of the shaken can firmly, with his finger multiple times, and voilà, there seems to be no spillage or spraying!

A bit of investigative work online tells us that the trick of tapping the top of the soda can does not reduce the fizziness within the drink. It is actually the time that we spent tapping the can that causes the fizziness to dissipate and go away, so by the time we open the can, it seemed as if the tapping did the trick. Even representatives from companies Pepsi and Coca Cola has confirmed that tapping on the top of the can does not really work.

Going back to the video of the enthusiastic guy with Pratiks in English, there are actually some suspicious points in the video. Have you checked out how long the time has elapsed since the man stopped shaking the can to when he actually opens it? 15 seconds, and that’s definitely enough time for the fizziness to fizzle away in that can of coke.

Also, isn’t it suspicious how the camera pans away to focus on the table instead of the can of opened coke at 1:09? If the object to be zoomed in is the can of coke, why would the camera pan away?

So in conclusion, for those who want to open a can of coke without getting sprayed, well the simplest solution is to NOT shake it. And if was shaken, why not just leave it on the table for 15 seconds before enjoying that gulp of fizzy goodness?



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