This is what it sounds like when an airline uses Singlish in its in-flight announcement. Yay or Nay?


You got hear of the Jetstar announcement or not? They say they going to adopt Singlish as its official language on board leh! The announcement was made on Jetstar’s Facebook page on 31 March and paired with a video of its cabin crew using Singlish to make announcements. They claimed that the website would also be in Singlish!

Of course, it turned out to be an April Fool’s prank, as predicted by many Facebook users.

However, since the post appeared on the Jetstar Asia Facebook page, it’s been viewed about 104,000 times. The video content filmed cabin crew enacting an inflight announcement in Singlish, as below:

“Seatbelt must kiap low and tight for take-off, turbulence and landing. This aeroplane got eight emergency exits, remember where ah. Cannot smoke anywhere hor. If smoke detector goes off, you jialat I tell you. Thank you and enjoy your flight.”

Although Jetstar’s representative clarified that it was a publicity stunt for April Fool’s Day, they didn’t exactly break their promise! They really don’t play play one sia!

If you check their Jetstar Singapore homepage, you can see that it is in Singlish.




Besides that, we also give top kudos to Jetstar’s social media management.

Just look at their replies to customers’ comments on their Facebook post!


Awesome command of Singlish. Someone give the social media manager a promotion.


This reply is so much better than simply just a “Thank you!” GGWP, Jetstar.


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