There is Apparently a Red Durian & It Allegedly Would Make a Person Drunk


Last Updated on 2021-11-19 , 10:17 am

If you’re a fan of durian, this might just make you go apeshit. We’re all aware that durian is yellow—the darker it is, the sweeter it tastes.

But do you know that there’s a breed of durian that is red? Yes, red as in red. A picture speaks a thousand words so here’s one.

And no, it’s not Photoshopped.

No one would be so crazy to Photoshop a durian.

Image: Joule Sorubou /

So, how does this occur? Is it a durian that is not ripe yet? Apparently not. It’s just a relatively rare breed of durian with red flesh and yellow husk.

Known as Durian Sukang, they are wild durians, and seemingly only can be found in Sabah, Malaysia.

For the uninitiated, Sabah isn’t located at the north of Singapore; it’s an island away from both Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, so you’ll have to take a plane there.

Unlike the common durian we find in Singapore and Malaysia, these durians are relatively rare to find, as they’re not cultivated on a large scale for mass market sale.

Instead, they’re sold in the suburban areas of Sabah, and are usually pretty high in demand. Despite its uniqueness and low supply, the durians are sold at a reasonable price of about RM20 for four red durians, which is about RM5 or SGD$1.60 per piece.

So, how’s the taste like? We haven’t had the chance to taste it yet, but according to what was reviewed online, the flesh is slightly less creamy and a little thinner, and it’s pretty bland as well.

However, it gives out a strong scent, almost like fermented wine. It is even rumoured that one might get “drunk” if he or she eats too many red durian.

Featured Image: Joule Sorubou /