This Luggage That Can Roll Up Stairs Has Officially Become a Must-Buy

What factors do you take into consideration when you buy a luggage? The brand? The design? The size? Or even the material?

Well, soon, you might want to include one more factor: whether the luggage can go up and down steps of stairs…like a boss.

One thing we all hate most about luggage is having to drag (or carry) it up and down steps or stairs: you can almost hear grasps of frustration when one of the escalators in the airport isn’t working.

What if there’s a luggage that can roll up and down the stairs?

There is.

And I don’t know why it takes so long before something like this is invented.

G-RO brands itself as an “intelligent luggage without the baggage”, boasting several innovative functions like a charging station within the bag to charge your phone or laptop, a location tracker lest you lose your luggage, super-strong material and a large-ass space.


But nothing beats the design of the wheels. Just watch.


They literally reinvented the wheel: the larger wheels, which are made of aerospace and firearm-grade polymers (wah, really!?), move the luggage effortlessly across all terrains, including stairs…and also sand!


We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Apparently, the larger wheel also somehow make the bag feels lighter due to some physics laws. I’m not going to explain that because it’s just too chim—take a look instead.


It all started as a Kickstarter project with a goal to raise about SGD$177,00, but eventually raised more than SGD$4.58 million.


However, it’s not cheap: so far, I could only find one of these that’s available in Amazon that ships to Singapore, and it’s a “mini” version that already costs about $400.

If you’re interested, just stay tuned in their Facebook Page here, or get someone from the US to buy for you!

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