This Real-Time Bus Uncle Will Tell You Your Bus Arrival Time in Singlish

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I remember that many years ago, we could SMS a number and will receive the arrival time of our bus in real-time. That was, then, pretty revolutionary.

Then came Iris, an app that made things even easier.

But something is missing from these services: the human touch.

But now, the human touch is here.

Bus Uncle is a Facebook Page, but what makes it unique is that it replies to your message—sort of automatically. Here’re a few examples.



How it works is that it retrieves information from LTA DataMall database and using a chatbot, it automatically generates replies (which, well, are in Singlish) in real-time (correct me if I’m wrong!).

Yes, it sounds insanely complicated, but hey, it’s 2016: technology is moving faster than buses.

The reviews for the Page has been as quirky as the app itself.



Ever since it was featured by Mothership.SG, the Likes for the page has grown to over 12K in a few days.

And oh, it’s created by Abhilash Murthy, and the best part? His girlfriend apparently made a Bus Uncle cushion for him.

Now, you know what to do when you’re waiting for your bus.


*All images from Abhilash Murthy Facebook

Featured Image: Facebook (Bus Uncle / Abhilash Murthy)

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