This ‘Suzuki Swift’ Motorbike Spotted in S’pore Is Real & Approved By The LTA

Image: Singapore Retro Cars Facebook Page

As a Singaporean, I’m acutely aware of one thing… and no it’s that Singapore’s hot af because I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. Rather, it’s the notion that…

Singaporeans are often filled with dilemmas.

Just ask my Grandpa Frank, who sits atop the toilet bowl with a thinker’s face, all while the ‘great boulders of Frank’ tumble into the ‘ocean’.

“Prawn mee or Kway Chap?” he would wonder aloud as the smell of Grandpa Frank’s homemade ‘brown bananas’ cloud the entire house. “Newspaper or TV? Teh or Milo? Aoi Sora or Maria Ozawa?”

And it’s not just my Grandpa Frank either; the majority of Singaporeans make the rookie mistake of over-deliberating on something when the answer should be pretty clear. Prawn Mee or Kway Chap? Hah, it’s obvious. I would, of course, have to go for Prawn- oh wait I just had prawns the other day. Kway Chap then- but I’m not craving for pig stuff now… erm then prawn… hmm… the calories though. Kway-

Editor: Can you just stop over-deliberating and get on with the topic?

But Boss, this is a matter of life and death. If I eat the wrong thing, I’ll regret my decision for the whole night!

Editor: If you don’t get on with the topic I’ll make sure you regret it forever.

Right point taken. So anyways guys, what I’ve been beating around the bush all introductory paragraph was to actually bring the discussion to a historic stand:

Cars or motorcycles?

Editor: Isn’t it obvious? I would, of course, go for the car- oh wait it’s kind of boring though. Motorcycle… I could die anytime. But then again I could die in a car as well; shucks motorcycles? **** this is worse than the time I had to decide between downloading Tinder or Grindr-

Well, in that case…

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Why not both?

Image: IrfanDanial Ardi Facebook Page
Image: Giphy

No this isn’t a prank

For the vehicle is real. Very real.

On 3 Feb 2019, Facebook page Singapore Retro Cars featured the innovative vehicle hybrid, and unsurprisingly it went viral.

Image: Singapore Retro Cars Facebook Page
Image: Singapore Retro Cars Facebook Page
Image: Singapore Retro Cars Facebook Page

“I know this isn’t a car but my friend spotted this motorcycle modified with the Suzuki Swift’s rear end that’s quite unique,” the caption reads.

Other posts have also commented on the hybrid.

Though some have pointed out the handicapped sticker at the back, which suggests that the rider is disabled.

Image: TheSLFTV Facebook Page

Which might prove to be true, considering how the vehicle has actually been featured on news articles before, as a wheelchair motorcycle.

Image: TheSLFTV Facebook Page

After all, the F gives it away: not that F. I mean the plate: any vehicle that starts with F is for motorbikes, while private cars start with S.

The origin of it all

According to one such feature on news website AsiaOne, graphic designer Lim Teck Mong is the ‘father’ of this car-motorcycle brainchild.

Having been a wheelchair user for 33 years, he supposedly came up with the design himself in 2009 after a similar-looking Nippi three-wheel scooter, that he purchased from a person with a disability in 1995, became too expensive to maintain. At that time, there was no local agent he could get a replacement from either.

Thereafter, he approached local motorcycle workshop Ban Hock Hin to piece together the three-wheel vehicle in 2009. Costing $18,000, the scooter is entirely driven by hand and Mr Ling’s able to manoeuvre himself into it using a level-operated rear ramp.

For the record, the design’s approved by the LTA too. Thus far, Mr Lim’s one of only two owners to possess such modified scooters on Singapore’s roads.

(Oh, wait, there’s one more?!)

He has, however, not thought of registering a patent on his design, despite distinct interest in the prototype.

“There is no need to,” he said.

However, seeing how society is a judgemental place, there’s bound to be curious stares once in a while. Mr Lim, however, said that he’s used to it.

“Drivers usually give way to me. And when I stop at traffic lights, other motorcycle riders always smile at me.”

I would, too. It’s so cool.

Moral of the story

You might wonder; what’s there to take away from this story, seeing how you’re in no need of such a vehicle (if you are, I apologise)?

Well, there is actually. Because let’s face it; despite the ever-growing market, there are still things you need but are not quite in invention yet. And really, that leads to an all-important revelation;

Why not take a leaf out of Mr Lim’s books, and design your own?

Image: Tenor