This Teacher Walks 8KM To Teach In School Daily So Students Bought Him New Shoes

Image: Facebook (Screengrab from Live Now)


If you’re sick of reading news about awful human beings insulting and mistreating other human beings, I have a story that will warm your heart.

You’re welcome.

Laborious commute

We’ve all complained about long bus rides, traffic jams, and train delays on the way to work or school.

“Why are the trains always delayed?”

“How can I sit in this comfy, air-conditioned bus for more than one hour; it’s torturous!”

But have you ever walked 8 kilometres to commute instead?

That’s exactly what one Filipino teacher does every day.

50-year-old Mr Cesar Punzalan walks 8 kilometres to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Laguna, Philippines daily.


Due to a large amount of time spent walking, Mr Cesar’s shoes ended up tattered. Fortunately for him, his students noticed and decided to give him a useful gift.

Touching video

In a video posted on Live Now, Mr Cesar is about to begin his lecture when one student interrupts him, saying “Before you start we have a gift for you”.

Matutuwa at mai-iyak kayo sa video na'to

Matutuwa at mai-iyak kayo sa video na'to. Mahalin at igalang ang ating mga guro dahil sila ay ikalawang magulang natin. Credit: Michelle Legaspi

Posted by Live Now on Friday, 2 August 2019

The Filipino teacher then looked apprehensive, as if the box contained a homemade bomb. Then again, teenagers are the worst, so that’s understandable.

Image: Facebook (Screengrab from Live Now)

The students then joked that the box was full of toads, cockroaches, or even snakes. One student even warned Mr Cesar to be careful when opening the box because something inside might bite him.

At this point, Mr Cesar was probably wondering what he did to deserve such a group of tormented individuals as his students.

But when he opened the box, his wariness quickly turned to gratitude.


The Filipino teacher discovered that his class had bought him a new pair of black leather shoes because his ones were worn.

Image: Facebook (Screengrab from Live Now)

When Mr Cesar asked their students why they spent the money, one student replied, “Each of us contributed money to buy these shoes because we love you, sir.”

“It’s only a small gift compared to everything that you’ve helped us with,” said another.

Mr Cesar was left speechless by the moving gift. He was clearly touched by the students’ sweet gesture and became teary-eyed as a result.

Image: Facebook (Screengrab from Live Now)
Image: Facebook (Screengrab from Live Now)

After he composed himself, he said that he didn’t expect to receive any gifts, and only wanted to share his wealth of knowledge with the class.

To which one student replied, “But sir, before we leave we want to make sure that we give something to you too which will make you happy.”

Treat Your Teachers With Kindness

Now, I don’t remember my classmates being this nice to our teachers in the past. Instead of giving them shoes we probably threw shoes at them.

This heartwarming video serves as an example of how we should treat our teachers. Teachers often do not get the recognition they deserve for the hard work they put in every day; slaving away marking papers, dealing with misbehaving kids, and planning lessons.

I’m not asking you to buy shiny leather shoes for your teachers. But the least you could do is to not disrupt their lessons and show your appreciation every now and then.



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