Thor: Love & Thunder Reportedly Banned in M’sia for Unknown Reasons (Yet)


To our friends in Malaysia, you’re better off waiting for it to come out on Disney+.

Not Postponed, But Banned

Thor: Love and Thunder was released on July in most parts of the world, and on 7 July in Singapore.

However, it wasn’t released in Malaysia then. One week later, it was announced that the movie’s release in Malaysia is being postponed.

Everyone thought that the movie will be released on 21 July, but the date passed by with no news. On 28 July, Golden Screen Cinemas, Malaysia’s largest cinema group, finally confirmed that the movie won’t be releasing in Malaysia at all.

This announcement signals the second time in a month that a Disney-handled movie hasn’t been released in Malaysia. Previously, Malaysia did not screen Pixar’s Lightyear due to a same-sex kiss.

LGBT Implications? Or Thor’s Butt?

Thor: Love and Thunder is a comedy that seems to be targeted at younger audiences as well, so it was a surprise that it has been banned in Malaysia.

However, some people have pointed out that there are scenes of brief nudity in the movie, even though nothing is explicitly shown. In fact, you can see Thor’s butt in one scene.

There are also implications that some secondary characters are LGBTQ+, though it isn’t explicitly shown in the movie either.

The movie also deals with the concept of god-slaying, which some said Malaysia might not be comfortable with.

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Can’t Compete Against Malaysian Film?

Others suggested that maybe Disney was worried that Thor wouldn’t be able to compete against another popular Malaysian film, Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan.

This film is inspired by the titular historical figure Mat Kilau, who fought the British colonists in Pahang before their independence. It recently became the highest grossing Malaysian film of all time, raking in RM90 million across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Regardless, Marvel fans in Malaysia can just wait for the film to be released on Disney+. Or maybe travel to Singapore to watch the film?

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