More Thundery Rain in Second Half of April But Days Within Rain Would Be Hot With Temperature Up to 35°C

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Is it just me or is it especially nice to stay indoors when it rains?

Well, if you agree with this sentiment, then this piece of news might cheer you up amidst the circuit breaker period and coronavirus outbreak in Singapore.

More Thundery Rain in Second Half of April But Days Within Rain Would Be Hot With Temperature Up to 35°C

The Meteorological Service Singapore said on Wednesday that more thundery showers are expected over Singapore in the second half of April.

However, to my dismay and probably yours, this doesn’t necessarily mean cool weather during this period.

Singapore is also expected to experience warm weather for the remainder of April.

Image: Tenor

That’s not all though, daily temperatures for the rest of April are expected to hit a high of 35 degrees on some days.

“A brief intrusion of a dry air mass extending from the South China Sea to the equatorial Southeast Asia region is expected to bring dry and warm weather to Singapore,” said the Meteorological Service Singapore, explaining the occurrence of the hot weather.

Thundery Showers To Extend To Evening On Some Days

However, you can expect that rain will come in the form of short thundery showers with frequent lightning between the late morning and afternoon.

On one or two of these days, the thundery showers could carry on into the evening.

“The thundery showers are due to strong daytime heating of land areas coupled with convergence of winds over Singapore. Overall, the rainfall for April 2020 is expected to be above-normal over most parts of the island.”

Warm Weather Still Expected On Some Days

We won’t be quite as lucky as in past months where the weather fell to 21.4°C. Warm weather is still expected on some days. Daily temperatures are expected to range between 24°C and 34°C on most days.

As stated earlier, on a few days, the daily maximum temperature could reach a high of 35°.

All in all, the rainfall for April is expected to be above-normal over most parts of the island.

Past Weather

During the first two weeks of April, warm weather continued and the daily maximum temperature exceeded 34°C on most days.

On six of these days, the daily maximum temperature was at least 35°C, with the highest temperature of 35.8°C recorded at Clementi on 10 April 2020.


Singapore also experienced more rain in the first two weeks of April 2020, compared to the last two weeks of March 2020.

“Most of the thundery showers occurred in the afternoon due to strong solar heating of land areas.”

It looks like for the remainder of the circuit breaker period, we’ll be experiencing thundery showers and relatively warm weather. Time to switch on your aircon and get comfortable.

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