Tiger Sugar Teams Up With Putien to Deliver Their Bubble Tea 2 Weeks Before Circuit Breaker Ends

Bubble Tea lovers, listen up.

Your favourite Brown Sugar bubble tea, Tiger Sugar, is teaming up with another well-known restaurant in Singapore to deliver their fiery drinks.

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If you’ve always loved PUTIEN lor mee


You can now upgrade your meal experience with a cup of Tiger Sugar.

A Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cream mousse at S’pore First Tiger Sugar Outlet

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The Deets:

Tiger Sugar and PUTIEN have teamed up to offer Tiger Boba Milk Sets with prices starting from $17.40.

The “exclusive” set includes one PUTIEN Main Course and a Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

Main dishes include:

  • PUTIEN Lor Mee
  • Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon
  • PUTIEN “Ca Fen”
  • PUTIEN Cabbage Rice

And the drink that comes along with the food is their iconic Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse.

These sets are available at the PUTIEN outlets located at Kitchener Road (Island-wide Delivery) and nex Singapore.

It’s only valid for GrabFood delivery and there are limited sets daily, so make sure to move fast, yeah.

2 Weeks Before #CB Ends:

The Circuit Breaker was supposed to end on 4 May 2020 but was extended to 1 June 2020, which is probably why Tiger Sugar is still hustling and looking for ways to deal with #CB two weeks before it ends.

Now, you’re wondering, what are the chances of #CB extending?

The answer is, No frigging idea.

After all, if there’s one thing you can depend on Covid-19 to do, it’s to throw curveballs at people all the time.

Plus, just because #CB is lifted doesn’t mean life will go back to normal with a snap.

Image: Gfycat

The authorities have said that things will be normalised “in phase“, and as we’ve all learnt from the reopening of many F&B shops on 12 May, bubble tea might not be included in the early stages.


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