Influencer Accused of Doxxing & Harassment After Creating Group That Blacklists Guys


When you swipe right on someone on an online dating app, it’s not because you admire their loyalty or how they treat their friends.

Aside from how they look and a brief description, you know next to nothing about the person your thumb has approved.

What if they turn out to be a creep? Or a jerk? Or someone who doesn’t like Squid Game? Wouldn’t it be nice to know who you’re really dating right from the start so you can avoid wasting time?

Well, one influencer set out to do just that. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way she’d expected.

Influencer Creates Group That Blacklists Guys

On Sunday (17 Oct), TikTok influencer Koh Boon Ki published a rather interesting post on the platform.

She proposed creating a Telegram group for “girls from all the dating apps in Singapore” to “discuss the guys we’ve talked to and dates we’ve been on”.

@doujiang.youtiaothoughts?? the guys have worse tele groups anyway♬ original sound – Barry ALLEN 🇵🇭 – Barry ALLEN🇵🇭THABRADAZPHCLO

Tired of having to look out for red flags, she wanted to know details about guys before she started dating them. Such information could then be compiled in a document, she noted.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Koh created a Telegram group called “sg dating adventures” that same day, and those who had come across her original post – viewed over 190,000 times – had joined as well.

Members started recounting their dating tales, while one took the idea a little further; the unnamed member created a Google spreadsheet titled “Dating Guide SG” and shared it in the chat.

The open document reportedly compiled all the contributions from anonymous users about men they had dated in the past. Their contributions included allegations of sexual assault, and filming girls without their consent.

The document was split into two tabs: “Blacklist” and “Avoid”.

One can see how victims of sexual assault would want others to avoid the same fate, but members then started talking about the sexual performance of the men they used to date.

Accused of Doxxing & Harassment

The document has since been deleted, but some people were not pleased with it, to say the least.

Some TikTok users accused Koh of doxxing and harassment, as the Google spreadsheet and chat had shared personal information of men, including their full names and contact details.


To those who’ve never heard of the term, doxxing might sound like Muay Thai for canines. But it’s actually the practice of researching and publishing private or identifying information about an individual or organization.

Since Jan 2020, doxxing has been punishable by law.

This law criminalises the publication of personally identifiable information with the intention of harassing, threatening, or provoking violence against a person. This includes (but will not be limited to) the posting of photographs, contact numbers, addresses, and employment details.

Those who are charged with doxxing can face a fine of up to S$5,000 or a jail term of up to six months if the intention was to cause harassment.

The jail term can go up to 12 months if they intended to cause fear or provoke violence.


Influencer’s Response

In an TikTok post yesterday (18 Oct) Koh admitted that she had created the chat group, but said someone else had made the Google spreadsheet.

She said the chat group turned out “way worse” than she had imagined.

“I didn’t put enough consideration into setting boundaries and rules within the chat to moderate the discussion, and I did not realise that it was also slowly spiralling into a name-and-shame group,” she said.

The document has since been deleted, but no one knows if copies were made or distributed.

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