TikTokers Slammed for Taking Carpark Gantry Arm for a TikTok Challenge

If you gave me a nickel every time a TikToker did something dumb, I’d first question why you didn’t give me Singapore currency instead, but I’d also be filthy rich.

A couple of months ago, a challenge called the “Devious Lick” went viral on the platform. Unlike the dancing and singing videos that are often a crime against good taste, this challenge involved an actual crime: stealing.


The challenge started in the US after some users boasted about the things they stole.

Pioneers of the trend seem to have borrowed from the phrase “hit a lick”, which means to get a lot of money very quickly, usually illegally by robbing and stealing.

Users have stolen everything from disposable masks and toilet paper to hand sanitiser and soap dispensers.

Just like COVID-19 restrictions, we thought we had seen the last of Devious Lick videos, but we were wrong.

TikTokers Slammed for Taking Carpark Gantry Arm for a TikTok Challenge

A video of a TikToker walking away with the gantry arm from a carpark has gone viral on the platform, sparking outrage.

The video was shared three days ago with the caption: “bit late to the trend”.

The video begins with the TikTokers showing that the gantry arm to a carpark – either its entrance or exit – had broken off.

Image: TikTok (itsharoooolddd)

We then see a young man walking away from the camera carrying the gantry over his shoulder, with the caption in the video saying: “hit that devious lick”.

The video was later reposted on Facebook, where it drew the ire of netizens.


“TikTok makes young people do stupid things,” one commenter said.

“Hope the court views this as vandalism that carries a mandatory caning order if convicted,” said another, and he wasn’t the only one who called for the authorities to punish the youth.

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TikToker: Uh, We Put it Back

In response to the indignation, the TikToker claimed that the gantry arm had already been broken when they got there.

Image: TikTok via MS News

He added that they had later returned it.

Image: TikTok via MS News

Back in September, when the trend was at its most popular, two teenagers here were nabbed by the police for possible vandalism of government property.

In the first incident, a 15-year-old was accused of removing a sign of the Kaki Bukit MRT station from the frame of a sheltered walkway leading to the station.

A 14-year-old was also accused of stealing a sign belonging to the National Environment Agency (NEA), which was originally placed in Jalan Songket, in Hougang.

Both teens are now under investigation.

You can watch this video to the end to understand why TikTok is so addictive:

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Featured Image: TikTok (itsharoooolddd)

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