Lazarus Island Having 5 ‘Tiny Houses’ for Staycations from April 2023


A beautiful house amongst lush nature and idyllic beaches- that’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Singapore.

But soon, this will be a reality.

If you’re a fan of the tiny house movement happening overseas, and watches YouTube videos like these:

You’ll be psyched to know that you can experience this right here in Singapore.

Eco-friendly “tiny houses” situated at Lazarus Island, a 15-minute boat ride from Sentosa, will soon be available for overnight booking in mid-April.

Source: Sentosa Development Corporation

Developed jointly by the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) and the company Big Tiny, these houses boast a rustic island charm against tranquil surroundings.

Here’s everything you need to know for a new staycation experience in Singapore.

Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island – A Tiny Home Adventure in Singapore

Accessible from the Sentosa Jetty @ Cove, guests will board a ferry to the Southern Islands, where the houses, named Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island, are located.

Source: Big Tiny Pte Ltd

Singaporean company Big Tiny, which built and runs these units, is the first to incorporate the “tiny house” concept with ecotourism. These five houses will also be the first short-term accommodation constructed on Lazarus Island.

Source: Big Tiny Pte Ltd

These houses will also feature different historical themes representing milestones in Singapore’s history as a homage to our historical journey.

Source: Big Tiny Pte Ltd

The tiny homes are eco-friendly and sustainable to reduce carbon footprint. From 150 to 170 square feet, they use solar energy as the primary power source.

To further reduce consumption, energy-efficient appliances are installed within the homes.

High-tech food waste recycling systems are provided to guests, along with complimentary biodegradable toiletries.

Source: Big Tiny Pte Ltd

The houses are constructed with durable and sustainable composite materials created from recycled plastic and wood fibre. When their lifespan ends, they can be repurposed and used to build new “tiny houses” again.

Source: Big Tiny Pte Ltd

If you’re worried that the eco-friendly features will compromise on luxuries, don’t be.

Co-founder of Big Tiny, Mr Jeff Yeo, said that all these houses come with the necessary comforts.


This includes a queen-sized bed, a sofa bed, a fully equipped kitchen, and most importantly, air-conditioning and a hot-water shower.

What’s The Island Like?

Apart from the new accommodation, amenities and leisure activities will also be available on the island.

Source: Sentosa Development Corporation

The SDC aims for these activities to “encourage guests to discover, form new connections and strengthen existing ones, against the backdrop of tranquil surroundings and rustic island charm”.

These new features include a convenience store, overnight glamping experiences, and non-motorised water activities. They will be rolled out in phases from June 2023.

If you’re raring to go to the island now, there are still things available for you to experience. These include bicycle rentals and a structure called the Glasshouse.

Source: Sentosa Development Corporation

The Glasshouse is an air-conditioned (phew) structure that functions as a multi-purpose space. It boasts picturesque views and a unique experience- perfect for that Insta-worthy photoshoot.

Source: Sentosa Development Corporation

Partnerships Giving Rise to Innovation

This project by Big Tiny was recognised at Enterprise Singapore’s Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021 and won support from the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) as part of the First Mover Framework (FMF), a scheme supporting public-private collaborations.

Through the PEP, Big Tiny collaborated with the SDC to use Lazarus Island as a testbed to construct these units.

The CEO of SDC, Ms Thien Kwee Eng, expressed affirmation for this project, calling it “innovative” and “sustainable”, and said it aligned with SDC’s sustainability goals.

Big Tiny has been constructing houses overseas in countries like Australia and Malaysia for years, so they’re experienced in building a perfect vacation home.

If these houses are well received, the company has plans to expand to other locations like Coney Island.


Top Image: Big Tiny Pte Ltd / Google Map