A 50-Year-Old 4-Room HDB Flat in Tiong Bahru Has Been Sold for a Record $1.5 Million


Last Updated on 2023-06-27 , 9:45 am

A 50-year-old HDB flat in Tiong Bahru recently set a record for Singapore’s most expensive HDB resale flat.

It was sold for a whopping $1.5 million.

50-Year-Old Four-Room HDB Flat in Tiong Bahru Sold For $1.5 Million

Last month, a four-room HDB flat on the fourth floor of 50 Moh Guan Terrace was sold for a record-breaking $1.5 million.

Welcome the Tiong Bahru flat to the million-dollar club.

Image: PropertyGuru

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this transaction is the flat’s “age”—it is 50 years old.

$1.5 million for an HDB flat with less than 49 years left on its lease?

Wah, pigs can fly sia. Maybe tomorrow the drinks store auntie will finally get my teh o kosong peng order correct. 

That’s not all the flat has to boast. While the low-rise block in which the flat is located may look small, the $1.5 million unit itself certainly isn’t.

The flat, one of only three four-room units at Block 50, boasts a total floor area of 176 sqm. For reference, four-room BTO flats measure an average of 85 to 95 sqm.

There’s enough space in the $1.5 million HDB flat to fit the entire kampung.

Perhaps the only drawback to the four-room flat is that its new owners will have to climb four storeys whenever they return home as the block doesn’t have a lift.

But things aren’t too bad even then—at least they’ll bring their A-game to the National Steps Challenge.

$1.5 Million Tiong Bahru HDB Flat Breaks Previous Record Set By Five-Room SkyTerrace@Dawson Loft 

Not only is this $1.5 million Tiong Bahru HDB flat one of the rare HDB flats that make it into the million-dollar club, but it also managed to dethrone a five-room SkyTerrace@Dawson flat to become the most expensive HDB flat to have ever been sold in Singapore.

Image: Jayne Lim / Google Maps

A plain four-room flat tucked in Tiong Bahru outdoing a flashy five-room loft in Queenstown? Talk about an underdog.

The five-room SkyTerrace@Dawson flat was sold for $1.418 million in June 2022 and held the record as Singapore’s most expensive HDB resale flat for nearly a year.


The $1.418 million flat is a rare find. It is one of the only 26 five-room loft penthouse units in SkyTerrace@Dawson.

Nice view, nice flat, but the price tag not so nice. 

Multiple Million-Dollar HDB Sales in Jurong, Bukit Batok and Marine Parade in Recent Years

The $1.5 million Tiong Bahru flat and the $1.418 million SkyTerrace@Dawson loft aren’t the only flats to have entered the million-dollar club in recent years.

Earlier this year, we saw a four-room HDB flat at Pinnacle@Duxton being sold for $1.4 million. Last year, we also saw HDB flats from Jurong, Bukit Batok and Marine Parade changing hands for seven-figure sums.

What’s that? Just called you “broke” in a million languages?


It’s okay. While it seems like everyone is getting into these million-dollar flats, most flats are still being transacted at reasonable prices.

In fact, these million-dollar HDB flats don’t even constitute 2% of all public housing resale transactions in Singapore.

The overwhelming majority of us are still struggling together, hesitating even to order fish in our cai png lah.