S’porean OnlyFans Content Creator Charged for Transmitting Obscene Material

Today (30 Dec), Singaporean OnlyFans content creator, Titus Low Kaide, was charged with two counts of transmitting obscene materials by electronic means in district court after he continued to make use of his OnlyFans account despite the previous warnings given by the authorities.

Evidently, the 22-year-old man never quite internalised the idiom of “once bitten twice shy”, not even in his rear-end, even after he was explicitly ordered by the police to cease such obscene activities and had his account seized on 11 Oct, since he continued to upload three photographs and five videos of his private parts on another account in the same month alone.

In Section 292a of the Penal Code, “whoever— sells, lets to hire, distributes, transmits by electronic means, publicly exhibits or in any manner puts into circulation, or for purposes of sale, hire, distribution, transmission, public exhibition or circulation… shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both”.

And let’s not continue with how his actions were a breach of the Section 12 of the Undesirable Publication Act and Section 29 of the Films Act as well.


The Final Verdict

Due to another order issued under the Criminal Procedure Code on 1 Nov, Low was denied access to both his OnlyFans accounts as the police continue to investigate for any possible new offences.

While his case has been adjourned for 20 Jan of next year, his bail was set at $5,000.

In accordance with the law, each count of transmitting obscene materials by electronic means can be jailed up to three months and/or fined. For his offence under the Criminal Procedure Code, he could be jailed up to six months and be fined a hefty sum of $5,000.

When it’s the second time you’re committing the offence, you can only say that you have sunken to a new low and had it coming.

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Welcome to OnlyFans

Now some readers might be wondering, what exactly is OnlyFans, and why does such obscene material proliferate on this site?

The name “OnlyFans”, at first glance, seemed innocuous enough; seemingly a platform where artistry and music can receive support from its fans, but what actually underlies part of its financial success is a community of online sexual workers who make use of the site to eke out a livelihood, due to its looser policies it has as compared to the likes of Tumblr or Twitter.

However, with OnlyFans’ decision to ban creators from posting sexually materials in early August, with the policy update coming into effect on 1 October, much controversy and protest had risen within its community space which consequently brought the site to the internet limelight, although the policy change was eventually suspended in an official Tweet:

However, OnlyFans’ retracting their decision hardly comes as a surprise, since prohibiting an important and huge part of your business sounds like a bad offer altogether.

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