Toastbox Responds to Viral Image Suggesting They Abuse GST Hike to Increase Price


Last Updated on 2023-01-24 , 11:16 am

Amidst the GST hike from 7% to 8%, our fellow Singaporeans have been looking for affordable meals.

Most of us know Toastbox, which is owned by BreadTalk Group, for its hearty Singaporean delights.

However, a photo has been making rounds on Whatsapp comparing the old and new prices of Toastbox.

Claiming that there has been a steep price increase, the photo asks viewers to boycott the eatery.

Toastbox has since come out to respond to the viral image.

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“Boycott Toastbox”

The photo compares an “old” menu picture to an “updated” one, claiming that Toastbox’s prices have increased drastically.

Image: Facebook (@Shan Lung)

For instance, the Luncheon Meat & Egg Sandwich went from $6.90 to $9.20.

The most significant increase appears to be the Homemade Nasi Lemak, which rose from $8.20 to a whopping $11.30.

That’s an increase of $3.10.

You could buy a plate of economic rice for that price.

Needless to say, the original poster was not happy.

In the text below the comparison photo, the original poster alleged that Toastbox was using the GST hike as an excuse to increase their prices.

Netizen Response

The photo became viral and made multiple rounds around Whatsapp.


In a Facebook repost of the viral photo, some netizens agreed they should boycott the eatery and patronise its competitors instead.

Image: Facebook (@Shan Lung)

Some stated that they had never patronised the eatery and that Toastbox’s prices were already expensive before the GST hike.

Image: Facebook (@Shan Lung)
Image: Facebook (@Shan Lung)

However, others appeared to understand the price increase. 

Image: Facebook (@Shan Lung)

Toastbox’s Clarification

The photo’s “updated” prices were the same as the ones shown on Toastbox’s website, making it appear credible.

However, it was not known when the images were taken.


A Toastbox spokesman told 8days that the “before” prices shown in the viral image dated back to June 2021.

Referencing the old pricing, the spokesman added, “Asian Delight sets were served without a slice of cake, and the Luncheon Meat & Egg sandwich set did not include half-boiled eggs.”

Toastbox gradually added half-boiled eggs and cakes to set meals across all outlets in 2020 and 2021.

Furthermore, customers could choose any sliced cake or side worth up to $2.20 and were not limited to tea cakes.

He said, “Customers are also free to opt-out and will be charged at ala carte prices for their Asian Delight and beverage.”

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Price Increase

However, Toastbox acknowledged that it had indeed increased its prices.


The eatery cited the rise in raw material prices, manpower and operating costs as the reason for the price increase.

Toastbox is not the only F&B establishment to increase prices and draw backlash.

In December 2022, a customer at a Serangoon coffee shop was so upset that he had to pay $0.50 for hot water that he took to Facebook to complain.

Prices of seafood are also set to increase with the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Toastbox’s spokesman stated, “We have had to make the necessary adjustments in order not to compromise on our product quality and service standards.”


Toastbox has also suggested purchasing its BreadTalk Rewards Kopi e-Voucher Package to enjoy Nanyang Kopi and Teh at discounted prices. 

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