Japanese Girl Gives Two Rolls Of Toilet Paper To Guy Because She Bought The Last Pack, Ends Up Going On A Date

Many of us try grand romantic gestures, buy extravagant gifts, or even do stupid things just to find love.

But we’re forgetting one thing that unites us all:


Reader: Poop?


Toilet Paper Shortage

As you know, people all over the world have been panic buying in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

This has led to shortage of items like face masks, hand sanitisers, and toilet paper.

Yes, toilet paper.

You usually find it in between your butt cheeks, but now it’s has brought two lovebirds together.

Toilet Paper: A Love Story

Japanese Twitter user @shihon029 was recently at a drug store where she was buying the very last pack of toilet paper in stock.

But just as she was paying for it, she overheard a disappointed male shopper talking to one of the shop clerks, saying “I see, so you’re all out of toilet paper.”

This, this was her chance.

In an act of generosity, the woman quickly flagged him down before he left and offered to give him two rolls of toilet paper from the pack she’d just purchased.

@shihon029 said she was willing to give up an even larger share of her pack if the guy really needed it.

She explained to the toilet-paperless guy that she lives alone and thus doesn’t need that much for herself.

So, if he wanted, she could give him more.

But then the guy said two rolls would suffice, because… he lives alone too.

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They then exchanged numbers and the guy, who she describes as being “her type in the looks department,” later sent her a message on the Line app.

A Date

“Thank you for flagging me down. You really saved me.

“I’d like to properly show my gratitude, so would you be willing to go to dinner together? If that’s something you’d like to do, that is”, he wrote.

“Is this really happening?” @shihon029 asked in a later tweet.

“I met a guy because of a toilet paper shortage!”.

No one knows how things will turn out, but it is still a better love story than Twilight. Are people still doing that joke?

Reader: We stopped in 2012 actually

Oh well. It’ll certainly make a better movie than Cats.

I shall leave you with a tip, dear reader. If you’re looking for a long-term partner during the Covid-19 outbreak, don’t send nudes, send toilet paper.