Tokyo has the Coolest Street Cleaners Ever: They’re Dressed Up as Samurais and Picks Up Trash

These samurais might be prowling the streets without a lord to serve but they’re no ronin.

Instead of swords, they walk around with fire tongs and dealt destruction…against the trash littering Tokyo city at the famous Shibuya Crossing.

A group of Samurais

One of the group members, Artist Yatsuseru Matsushima, said that littering is a growing problem in Tokyo. 

By dressing up as self-styled samurais and walking around collecting trash, they hope to raise awareness about the environmental problems in Japan’s capital. 

People inspired to pick up trash along with them

The group started earlier this year and their performance and cool way of going about their activities have entertained countless people in the capital of Japan.

So much so that sometimes, some people would pick up the trash along with them.

The samurais in action

Not that we blamed them, considering how they’ll react whenever they come across some trash littering the street. After shouting their catchphrase: Which lout did this? They’ll spring into action.

The man with the bag will high-kneel while the other four samurais will pick up the trash with a fanciful twirl of their tongs complete with an amazing flourish. 

When interviewed about their performance, a comment that was given is: they must have practised a lot

Watch the video below to check out the modern day samurai in action:

They’re usually in action on Sundays, so see if you can catch these heroes when you’re there.

Feature Image: YouTube (AFP news agency) 

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