Top 10 Cheapskate/Worst Christmas Gifts to Receive on Christmas

Last Updated on 2020-11-27 , 6:09 pm

Christmas is no doubt the season of giving.

Well, not that you need a holiday to remind you to give back to society every once in awhile. I still believe that true kindness should come from the heart.

Anyway, although Christmas is the season of giving, there are still certain things you probably shouldn’t give out as a gift.

In an attempt to prevent our dear readers from becoming “that person”, your friends from the Goody Feed team have compiled a list of things you probably shouldn’t be giving out as a Christmas gift.

1. Socks

I have nothing against socks, you know. I wear them to work every day and it’s a great way to keep your toes warm during colder nights.

However, with more than 10 pairs of socks (With at least 4 unopened ones) in my drawer at the moment, I really don’t want another pair of socks taking up my precious drawer space.

2. Water bottles

No, I’m not referring to the plastic bottles you get after drinking mineral water.

Now, this is debatable, since there are a lot of “branded” water bottles out there. But honestly, I don’t really need more than one bottle at a time.

Unless I somehow lose the bottle, well… I still have 2 more waiting for me somewhere in my store room.

3. Notebooks

Ah, how people used to record stuff before technology came along. I might actually appreciate this gift back when I was still schooling.

However, since people these days have their smartphones with them 24/7, I don’t really see much use for a notebook anymore.

4. Calendar

Once again, there’s a calendar in my phone.It’s definitely smaller and more convenient for me to just use my phone too.

Oh and, don’t get me started on those people giving out old calendars as a gift.

5. Chocolates

Chocolates are great. The only reason why they’re on this list is because too many people give them as a gift.

I once received 3 identical boxes of chocolate for Christmas! (Maybe there’s a sale for them somewhere)

6. Scented candles

Well, I’ll just put them inside my store room. Alongside the other 15 scented candles.

Seriously though. Some gifts are simply too overdone. Please don’t buy something as a gift just because it is cheap or because “it reminds you of Christmas”

7. Weighing scale

No. Just…no.

I don’t need a constant reminder of the Thanksgiving feast I had.

8. Cleaning supplies

Practical as these may be, your friend might not want anything to do with you after this Christmas.


9. Ugly sweater

For some reason, there are people out there who think that it’s a good idea to gift an ugly Christmas sweater.

Looks aside, why would you need a sweater this thick in Singapore?

10. Anything that’s re-gifted

Last but not least, anything that’s re-gifted. No matter how much you dislike a gift, try not to give it away to someone else.

And yeah, imagine getting back your own gift from last year.

Once, I’ve received a box of Candy which was going to expire in two months’ time. I think it’s pretty obvious where it came from, eh?

All right, that just about does it.

To be honest, this article was done mostly for fun. So, no matter what gift you receive, do remember it’s the thought that counts!

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