These Are the Top 10 Secret Questions S’porean Girls Always Wanted to Ask Guys

If there is an account to answer every single question girls want to ask guys, it will probably be flooded. From unusual habits to relationships, we are simply too curious about the opposite gender. After all, men are from Mars, women are from Venus, right?

Here’s a list of questions us girls want to know, but we just can’t bring ourselves to ask. (This list is non-exhaustive!)

1. Making the first move

Guys, do you like it if girls make the first move? As 21st century girls, some of us are pretty straightforward and daring. A portion of us actually wouldn’t mind taking the initiative to ask the guy out. Would you be flattered?

2. Does looks matter?

Which brings me to the next point – how would you feel if an ugly girl asks for your number? Would you still feel as flattered as before? 

3. Platonic relationships

Do you believe in having a platonic relationship with us then? Or do you suffer in the friend zone while your crush happily announces to everyone that you are her good friend?

4. Friend zone

We understand how crushing the friend zone can be. Hence, if you are sent to the friend zone, would you choose to stay as friends with the other party or choose to break contact with her? 

5. Army Life

How is army life like? Given that most girls do not join the army, we are pretty curious on how it impacts your life. And no, we do not appreciate it when you keep rambling on and on about your life in there. 

We want to know how being in the army is like, not your two-years worth of biography. 

6. Attire

How do you go out wearing the same T-shirt for 5 days a week? It’s an irony how females are the ones complaining that we do not have any clothes to wear every morning. 

7. Gifts

What do you prefer to receive on your birthday? I guarantee you that this is one of the top struggles of buying a gift for you guys. It’s not that we don’t understand your interests, really. We just simply want it to be a memorable one for you. 

And don’t say “anything”. 

8. He likes me, he likes me not

How do we know if a guy likes us? They say that teasing is a big sign. What if that guy just teases everyone and anyone? (We probably read into things too much. Oops.)

9. PDA

Given that Singapore is still quite a conservative society, what are your thoughts on PDA? (Public Display of Affection)

10. Dealbreaker

What is a relationship dealbreaker for you? 


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