Someone Left a Tote Bag in NUS UTown & NUS UTown Cat Has Since Claimed It as a Pillow


If you’ve studied in a school that has cats roaming around freely before, you’ll know that that’s the best part of school life.

And that point was proven once again when a resident cat in University Town (UTown) in the National University of Singapore (NUS) slept on what students thought was a pillow, but later figured out was someone’s tote bag.

Yesterday (22 March), TikTok user @gxbz_m posted this video that captured the hearts of many Singaporeans.

@gxbz_mShoutout whoever gave the cat the pillow♬ sonido original – ⠀̤̫

(And when I say many, I mean many. The video has garnered over 959,100 likes at the time of posting, because who doesn’t like cat videos?)

The video featured images of the cat sleeping on the tote bag from different angles, and the caption read “Someone gave the cat in my uni a pillow”.

I mean, we all found out afterwards that it’s not a pillow lah. But it still doesn’t take any of the cuteness away from the situation, right?

It’s unclear as to whether or not the owner of the tote bag got their bag back in the end, but hey, even if they didn’t, it’s a pretty cool way to lose it, no?


Cat Has Own Instagram

In fact, upon taking a closer look, this cat might be more famous than any of us will ever be in our lives.

The cat, which is a tabby, is Ashy, an “NUS UTown” cat.

She even has her very own Instagram page with over 2,600 followers, which is way more than I will ever have.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ᴀsʜʏ🐈 (@sleepy_ashyyy)

The Instagram account posts snippets of Ashy’s life and photos taken by NUS students around campus, and with the adorable photos in every post, it’s no wonder why she has such a huge fanbase.

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According to this blog, Ashy is at least nine years old this year. She is allowed to roam freely on campus and is fed regularly by feeders, although she does hunt for some food by herself at times.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@gxbz_m)

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