Tourist From Wuhan Brags How She Evaded Health Checks; Got Called Out By Netizens


If you’re out and about in Singapore, you might notice that a lot of people are beginning to don surgical masks.

Do you know what that means?

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Why do you ask?

Well, that’s because the Wuhan virus is here in Singapore. By now, you should be aware that there’s more than one confirmed case of the Wuhan virus.

You might’ve even been to the nearest Guardian to try and stock up on a year’s supply of masks.

But just in case you’ve been hiding behind too many ang baos and pineapple tarts, here’s a quick recap:

There are a total of three people in Singapore who have been confirmed to have the 2019-nCoV virus, or the Wuhan virus.

The latest update is that the third patient has taken public transportation and has been to various tourist sites like Orchard, Merina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

Like the first patient, she too had breezed through the temperature checks at the arrival gates as they didn’t show symptoms of having a fever at the arrival gate. They only developed fever, cough and chills later on.

Tourist From Wuhan Brags How She Evaded Health Checks; Got Called Out By Netizens

So you get it right? However effective or ineffective they may be, health checks are there for a reason, especially when you have a virus that’s spreading globally at such a rapid rate.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo.

A Chinese tourist named Ms Yan who is from Wuhan said that she successfully evaded health checks at customs and managed to enter France, even though she claimed that she actually had a “low fever”.

Hang on, let me explain.

However, according to the Chinese embassy in France, she is said to be free of the symptoms of the coronavirus.

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That’s not the worse part. She took to social media to brag about what she did. Following that, the embassy placed a phone call to Ms Yan.

“On 23 January, the Chinese embassy called Ms Yan again to inquire about her current situation,” said the embassy.


“She says that for the past few days, she has been taking her temperature regularly, and she now has no symptoms of fever and cough.”

Ms Yan Claims That French Medical Services Said She Doesn’t Need To Be Examined 

The embassy also explained how Ms Yan said that French medical services informed her that she doesn’t have to be examined if she has no symptoms of fever and pain.

This is where it gets a bit confusing.

The woman claimed that she actually did have symptoms of fever and cough but was able to pass the health checks at the airport because she took antipyretics to lower her body temperature.

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Her Weibo post said,


“Had a cough and low fever when I was about to leave, scared me to death, so immediately ate medicine and kept measuring my body temperature.

“Luckily, body temperature went down and had no problems leaving and entering.”

To make matters worse, her Weibo post showed photos of her and her friends dining at a French restaurant.

What do you think? You can view her post here:

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