10 Facts About Train to Busan 2: Peninsula, the Movie Everyone Will Be Watching Once Cinemas Reopen


Train to Busan. Where do I even start?

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Released in 2016, the Korean zombie flick went on to enchant critics and casual movie-goers alike with its seductive mix of thrills, desperation, zombies and emotions.

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Small wonder why it became the 10th-highest grossing domestic film of all time in South Korea, and a generator of $90+ million in the box office. Truly, it was a blessing.

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But there’s just one thing bothering me, us, about it. And lest you’re wondering, that singular thought would happen to be:


10 Facts About Train to Busan 2: Peninsula, the Movie Everyone Will Be Watching Once Cinemas Reopen

Well, it seems that our prayers have, at long last, been answered.

Train to Busan 2 is throttling into cinemas this month and avid movie-goers are naturally stoked.

“Omo, what’s the movie gonna be about?” asked one hyped HardAsNails.

“I wanna see blood, lots of blood!!” commented one PeacefulBaby.

“When’s the exact date of release?”

“Is it gonna be about zombie chickens?”


Well, we’ve certainly heard it all.

And so without further ado…

Let’s get the Busan party started.

1. Title Of The Film

For starters, the sequel to Train to Busan will not be titled as ‘Train to Busan 2’.


Instead, it will adopt the title of ‘Bando’, or literally “Peninsula”.

‘Train to Busan: Peninsula’Well, looks like we’re in for a real thrilling ride.

2. Sequence

The sequel film of the hit zombie apocalypse action film will deal with the Korean peninsula 4 years after the events of ‘Train to Busan’.

As it turns out, the entire peninsula has morphed into an uninhabitable wasteland 4 years after the zombie takeover.

But pockets of humans still remain trapped and are fervently awaiting rescue.


According to sources, the synopsis of the film reads as follows:

“When the zombie outbreak swept the entire nation, Jung-seok (Gang Dong-won) barely escaped South Korea alive. While living a life of despair in Hong Kong, he receives an enticing offer to return to the quarantined peninsula.

“His mission is to retrieve an abandoned truck in the middle of Seoul within a time limit and escape the peninsula silently. But his operation goes haywire when a mysterious militia known as Unit 631 ambushes Jung-seok’s small team, as well as even more vicious hordes of zombies.

“In his most desperate moment, Min-jung’s (Lee Jung-hyun) family saves him and he plans one last chance to escape the peninsula once and for all.”

3. Visual Teaser

Last year, we were granted a little ‘sneak peek’ via the film’s first visual teaser:

Image: Allkpop

And this year, we were treated to a full-page trailer of what the film entails:

Image: Golden Village

The sheer hype, everybody.

4. Trailer

The official trailer for the sequel film has also been released.

Posted on 2 April 2020, the trailer has since gone on to garner over 6 million views, as well as a whopping 138K likes.

5. Clarification

Just to clarify, Peninsula is not a straight sequel, but a standalone film that takes place in the same universe as the first.


Though with that said, we do not yet know whether there will be (nostalgic) cameos of any kind in the second film.

6. Cast Members

Director Yeon Sang Ho will be returning for the sequel film, while actor Kang Dong Won will be taking on the main role in ‘Bando’. According to allkpop, the actor’s expected to put up a “fearsome fight” against the brain-craving monsters we all know and love.

Meanwhile, actress Lee Jung Hyun will be stepping into the shoes of Min Jung, who’s apparently a strong-willed survivor in the peninsula equipped with both unending hope and leadership.

7. Versatility

As for the rest of the cast, child actress Lee Rae has been cast in the role of Joon Yi (please don’t be a repeat of the first film), while veteran actor Kwon Hae Hyo will be taking on the role of the oldest surviving member of Min Jung’s crew, Kim Noh In.

According to reports, versatile actor Kim Min Jae and rookie star Goo Kyo Hwan will also be playing important roles within the peninsula’s rescue forces.

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8. Filming

Filming for ‘Bando’ commenced on 24 June 2019.

Production was expected to last for a while, with the release scheduled for this year.

And it seems that the moviemakers have stayed true to their words.


9. Release Date

According to MothershipTrain to Busan: Peninsula will be crashing into local theatres this 15 July.

Meanwhile, the sequel film’s tentatively set for a global release in August, with several companies around the world (including Well Go USA) having already picked it up for global distribution.

Which is great because if things proceed smoothly, we can once again watch blockbusters like these in cinemas:

10. Sheer Excitement

Apparently, zombies have been given a real boost in the sequel film.

According to News Lagoonzombies seem to have developed a tolerance to sunlight, as well as advanced hearing senses.

Apart from zombies, there are also cannibalistic and bloodthirsty humans to look out for.

Well, you know what they say;

Time to take my money, because I’m paying whatever I can to watch a film of such promising calibre!

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