Trump-Kim Summit Will Cost S’pore S$20 million & S’pore is Willing To Pay: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (11 Jun)

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The Trump-Kim summit is all set to go. Planning was done and special areas were gazetted. And both leaders are already here in Singapore.

Previously, you’d know that Singapore is assuming some of the costs of the summit.

Now, the Government of Singapore has revealed the amount the summit will cost Singapore, and why it has to be done.

US-North Korea Summit Will Cost S’pore S$20 million & S’pore Is Happy To Pay


Yes, it’ll cost Singapore S$20 million on logistics and security for the US-North Korea summit.


About half of the money is used to step up security arrangements for the historic event.

Around 5,000 Home Team personnel were deployed, including police and Singapore Civil Defence Force officers.

In addition, private security firms like Certis were also engaged as security providers for the event as well.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore is “willing to pay” for a “very important operation”. And that it is Singapore’s contribution to an “international endeavour that is of profound interest to us”.

Plus, when the two countries put in a request, Singapore cannot say no. We just have to step up and do a good job.

In other words: We need World Peace. We’re a small city-state who’s economy will be affected by fluctuation in other nations’ economies. Peace = stability = we won’t go hungry.

Plus, the publicity and intangible benefits that Singapore will enjoy for hosting the event is going to be huge.

After all, we’ll be in all history books now, not just in Singapore history books.

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South Korean Journalists Who Trespass Into North Korea Ambassador’s Home Sent Packing


Due to the US-North Korea summit, thousands of journalists have descended on Singapore to cover the historic event.

Yet on 9 June 2018, 2 South Korean journalists from KBS were deported by authorities. Their offence? They trespassed into North Korea Ambassador’s house at Joo Chiat.

Two other South Korean men, a 29-year-old guide and a 31-year-old KBS employee, were found innocent of all charges.

KBS News had issued a statement of apology for its journalists’ conduct “amid a sensitive situation”.

In addition, at least four people were turned away at Singapore checkpoints for security reasons.

Two of the cases were not elaborated upon. One was the case of the Australian man, Zeky Mallah, who was found to have a terrorism-related past.

And the other was turned away because he was nervous at the checkpoint, and they found his web history of browsing suicide bombing websites when they checked his phone.

So now you know why Singapore was chosen: we take our security very seriously.

Four Migrant Workers Invited Into HDB Home To Break Fast For The First Time

Here’s something heartwarming that isn’t related to the US-North Korea Summit. Although they do have one thing in common: the subjects involved all come from overseas.

Four migrant workers were invited into a Singaporean home for the very first time in their lives.

They might have built countless homes for us Singaporeans, but they’ve never been inside one before. One that is complete with love and caring.

Until now, that is.


Kadir, Abul, Sahadat and Shohidul were invited to the home of Siti Zawiyah and Fadzullah Hassan to break fast together.

They wanted to show their appreciation for what foreign workers had done for Singapore, and empathy for these men who are thousands of miles away from their home country and family.

When the men see the young children of the family, they got emotional thinking about their own children back home.

For Kadir, it’s the sixth Ramadan he spent away from his home.

In their past experience in giving back to migrant workers, Siti Zawiyah said that these men behaved like they couldn’t believe it.


They couldn’t believe the fact that Singaporeans are being nice to them, and giving them things without asking for any in return.

Fadzullah thinks that Singapore “is a gamble” for many workers.

If it’s good, they’ll earn money and go back home. If they fall sick or injured, “they’ll lose everything. No money, no future for them or their families.”

He hopes that more Singaporeans will take part in giving back to these men, and not just during Ramadan.

You can read the full article here.

S’porean Girl Talks About Life on Financial Assistance, Says Life is ‘OK’ Though

In life, we meet with many problems. In fact, we can say that life, in itself, is one big problem.

Most of us, fortunately, suffer from first world problems like no promo codes and no free WIFI. Then, there are some who meets with even more dire problems.

But at the end of the day, one thing remains consistent. It’s not the type of problem you face, it’s how you face the problem that determines your value.

Image: Beyond Social Services Facebook Page

She has been living a life of poverty since young in both Malaysia and Singapore. When she was in primary school, she brought her books and stationery to school in a plastic bag because she couldn’t afford a proper bag.

Her fellow students laughed at her but she didn’t care. She just wanted to study.

She’s now in ITE studying electrical engineering and sometimes, and she took 30 to 40 minutes to walk to school because she didn’t have money for public transport.

And there we are, complaining about the lack of Grab promo codes.

She couldn’t buy textbooks so she’ll listen attentively in class and visualise the information.

Plus, she fixed all the electrical items in her home. She took them apart and study them until they make sense to her.

She had to quit school a few years back because a teacher taunted her about her appearance, which she says, looks like a boy.

But she enrolled anyway and she is determined to graduate. Her mother is unable to work because she suffers from anxiety attacks so the family has to survive on financial assistance until she graduates and get a job.

You can read the full post below:

Not sure about you, but it sure makes me appreciate life a lot more.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Meets Kim Jong-Un Ahead of Summit

I’d admit that when I first heard this, I thought that it was going to be an awkward meeting. After all, Singapore had revoked the work passes of all North Koreans in Singapore in Mar 2018.

But it turned out pretty good.


Looks good, isn’t it?

The two leaders talked about the relationship between their countries and developments on the Korean peninsula.

Chairman Kim thanked Singapore for their efforts in preparing for the historic summit. And how Singapore will go down in history should the talks be successful.

In response, PM Lee thanked him for choosing Singapore as the stage for the summit. And, of course, wished him a pleasant stay in Singapore.

Kim Jong-Un & Donald Trump Impersonator Creates An Amazing Impression at Bugis Junction

The McGriddles wasn’t the only thing to come early to Singaporeans. Now, world peace is arriving earlier than scheduled. Sort of.


Remember when Kim Jong-Un impersonator, Lee Howard Ho Wun, was detained at the airport for questioning before he was allowed into the country?

Well, he has made an appearance at Bugis Junction with his good friend, Donald Trump (the fake one).

A few hundred people turned up for the meeting and had to pay S$15, as well as download an app, to take pictures with both men.

And they’re both saying words that we want to hear.

Fake Trump said: “Together is better.”

Fake Kim responded: “Let me say, Giuliani, I did not get on my hands and knees. Okay? We met on equal terms. And it’s great meeting The Donald. How is it that everyone around Donald is a complete idiot. This guy here is a genius.”

Fake Trump was also heard saying: “It all started with us, if there’s a peace prize anybody should get, we should get it.”

Here’s a short video of what they said.

Well, tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., we’ll witness the real Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump meeting each other.

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