Shopping Mall in KL Will Open in 2022 & It’s So Massive You Probably Need Days To Explore

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We are all bummed out by Malaysia’s 2020 Movement Control Order (MCO) that closed the causeway between Singapore and Malaysia.

Now we kind of feel like Chang E and Hou Yi.

Seafood cravings and retail therapy at JB cannot be replaced by any of our local shopping malls and lack of entertainment. But what is this new thing popping up in our neighbouring country?

According to The Straits Times, this new thing is offering our shopping spree and haul dates a whopping 2.2 million square feet of retail space. Ooh.


Giant Malls And Retail Therapy

Here is something for all of us to look forward to when the borders are reopened for travel.

Apart from Johor Bahru, another hotspot for Singaporeans and tourists would definitely be Kuala Lumpur.

With their newest update to what they can offer, a gigantic mall is at the top of the list. *cue girl group chats screaming”

Image: Bazaar

The size of Exchange TRX alone is larger than 2 Vivocitys put together. Boasting a massive number of 500 shops, anyone would shop til’ they drop. Literally.

Now you can enjoy delicacies offered by their potentially large array of food choices, and then burn off all the calories by walking around and shopping.

Roughly 11% of the shops will be reserved for Food and Beverages, so that’s about 55 shops catered to please your tastebuds.

Talk about spoilt for choice.

Looking In

Been to Jewel Changi Airport yet? Singaporeans would know that Jewel Changi has a spectacular HSBC waterfall in the heart of the mall.

Image: Bazaar

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The new giant mall will also feature a centrepiece that reminds shoppers of the rain vortex.

Lush Greenery And Forest Vibes

We talked about food and shopping, now let us tell you all about the lush tropical oasis stretching across 10-acres of the roof.

This rooftop garden is just a little larger than a whopping 4 football fields.

Tired of shopping? Head upstairs to take a breather and breathe in the city air. Fresh, of course, with all that greenery. The oasis in a concrete rainforest will leave you feeling recharged.

For parents with active kids, you already know where you can park them or let them run around and release all that pent up energy.

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Let us hope that a small part of the garden will be converted into a playground to win the hearts of our tiny tots.

Not Enough Time To Finish Exploring?

Here for the weekend? No worries. The mall has its own pretty awesome hotel.


The 471-room Kimpton KL will be the perfect accommodation to relax and stay over while you take your time to scour for the best deals.

If you find your arms and your feet aching, scurry back to your room and draw a long bubble bath after dropping off your shopping bags. Dinner and shopping round 2 are just downstairs.

One Last Thing

If you ever happen to finish shopping and eating at the Exchange TRX, which is highly unlikely, our old but gold Pavillion Shopping Mall is right around the corner.

  • Location Address: Persiaran TRX 55188, Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Nearest Metro Station: TRX Metro

The perfect place to break in your Covid-19 enforced travel ban, don’t you think?

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