TVB Removing Jacqueline Wong from Completed Drama & Even Thought of Digitally Removing Her Face

Lest you’ve been living in North Korea, you would surely have heard of the whole AndyHui-SammiCheng-JacquelineWong fiasco.


But hey, if you’re indeed living under the reigns of the Supreme Leader himself, here’s a quick breakdown of the whole saga:

  • Andy Hui (who’s married to Sammi Cheng) and Jacqueline Wong engaged in some frisky action in the backseat of a taxi
  • There was a hidden camera recording their every movement
  • The video was leaked to Apple Daily
  • Andy Hui issued a public apology
  • Jacqueline Wong kept quiet on social media
  • Sammi Cheng implicitly forgave Andy Hui

Thought that was eventful enough? Well, think again. Thereafter, rumours speculated that, in a huge twist to the story, Sammi Cheng could have been the one who instigated the videotaping of the incident.

And not long after that, there were rumours abound that Jacqueline Wong had been the one behind the hidden camera, in a bid to end things between Hui and Cheng, once and for all.

Image: TOONrike Youtube

Yeah, it gets pretty hectic. But guess what?

It’s still not ending yet. Jacqueline Wong’s ordeal, I mean.

TVB Removing Jacqueline Wong in Completed Drama & Even Thought of Digitally Removing Her Face

In the latest development to hit the already fleshed-out saga, it appears that TVB, a TV station based in Hong Kong, will be removing the under-fire actress from its upcoming drama Forensic Heroes IV, despite having already wrapped up production.

This is in accordance with a report by Ming Pao Daily News.

According to the news website, TVB has decided to re-shoot the scenes with Wong in them, in a move that will cost the TV station around HK$10 million, or S$1.73 million.

And because Wong was one of the leads, re-shooting will require at least 50 scenes to be done over again.

Image: 维基百科

According to The Straits Times, one of the reasons behind the reshoot appears to be the Chinese authorities.

As the show is due to air in China and Hong Kong in November, the Chinese authorities are reportedly not too keen to accede to a show that features an actress embroiled in a cheating scandal.

And lest you still live in pre-1997 era, here’s a fact you might not know: Hong Kong is now under China. Sort of.


While one would normally be pissed to redo an assignment they previously thought they were done and over with, the affected celebrities in this case, surprisingly, weren’t. In fact, according to 8 Days

The celebrities, including Raymond Wong, Selena Lee, and Shaun Tam, are actually receptive to the notion of a re-shoot.

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今日突然間好多人傳媒朋友問我:是否已離開TVB? 。 回頭望,看看在TVB多年的日子,好自然就會帶出微笑。TVB就像媽媽一樣,教育我,栽培我,保護我,帶着我成長。就算去到遠遠的加拿大頒獎禮,也有TVB陪伴(圖二)。 我今天有的成就,認同,將來的前途,都是TVB給我的。感恩每一次給我的學習同演出機會。 孩子長大了,要出去見識了。對TVB裏面的同事們工作人員監製導演等等都有種很不捨得的感覺。但我相信這只是暫別。總有一日一定會再聚。❤️ 多謝。感恩。感激。 #tvb #besttrainingschool #grateful #thankyouforEverything #forevergrateful #再見 Photo credit: George Pimentel

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#misshk2018 see you tonight😊

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As it is, the production team is reportedly in the process of amending the script right now, in addition to being in talks with the celebrities in question.

Also, the team supposedly has to reconstruct certain sets, comb for other locations, apply to book relevant street or streets for filming as well as designate a new actress.

As Goody Feed also produce videos (check out our YouTube channel here!), we do know that recreating a scene isn’t just about the actors; the settings and whatnot cost a lot, too.

The re-shoot will start in June.



Prior to the decision to re-shoot, it was reported that the show’s producer had actually contemplated digitally altering Wong’s face, though this was ultimately scrapped because of their discomfort with the idea.

According to Ming Pao, the show’s producer is apparently not in touch with the actress anymore.

“She [Wong] was very obedient on set, was punctual and had her lines memorised, no one wanted this to happen either. I am currently not in touch with her, but I believe that she is going through a difficult time. Actually, I feel like asking after her, but it’s not a good time now.”

Well, no doubt about that last line, considering all the shit that has happened over the last couple of weeks. But then again…

I guess there are just things you’re allowed to do when you’re a celebrity, and things you’re simply not allowed to do. And Wong, in this case…


Failed to choose the former, and thus have to start paying the price for it.

Guess celebrities are just as human as you and me, huh?

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