Two Men Sang so Badly in KTV, They Were Beaten Up Soon After

In the recent case of frivolous beatings, someone got socked for shouting Endgame spoilers at the entrance of a cinema. And you know what?

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But did you know bad singing is now just as offensive?

Why are we even surprised, actually? Anything can be offensive with the right crowd. Looking, breathing, existing…

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But I digress.

What Happened

Credits: Oriental Daily

At a karaoke lounge in Heilongjiang, China, there were two men. One of them was singing.

Badly, presumably, because another dude went up to him and quite frankly told him that it was “unbearable” and made some “provocative gestures” to further illustrate the point.

But that was it, no bashing; only a little roughing up of his ego. The stranger then made his exit, leaving the pair in the lounge.

But They had to Push It

It’s actually understandable; they probably had the right of way because it’s, well, a karaoke lounge.

People sing in those. And they were two whole people, not one and a half or anything, of course they could deal with the opinionated stranger.

So they followed the man out and found his friends, musically annoyed and enjoying their strength in numbers. A fight broke out, the pair lost and the perpetrators went on their merry way after 2 minutes, leaving the victims beaten on the floor.


The attackers were brought back to the police station after the police were alerted.

One of them said: “Honestly if they didn’t come out (from the lounge), we would’ve been on our way.”

He also said he didn’t expect the two of them to follow him since he was with another four men at that time.

Honestly, I don’t know if they knew about that. If they did, they’re either very brave or very stupid.

Thankfully, the bad singers only suffered light injuries. Investigations on the five-man group are still ongoing.

Take Away

Is there one for this article?

Singing is good for health but not if you sing around people who will beat you up.

Also, when outnumbered, you can protect your pride or protect your body.

If you’re someone who gets pissed easily at people existing and frequently acts on it, it’s time to get used to spending lots of time explaining your actions to the police.

I mean, I won’t ask you to change your character because it’s a tough thing to transform on a whim, so do whatever you want and handle the consequences.

And also, if you sing badly, don’t sing in the hall. Sing in a KTV room instead.

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