Everything About the 2 Suspects Involved in the Murder of Felica Teo 13 Years Ago


Thanks to new leads and further investigations, the authorities have finally managed to crack the cold case of a teenage girl who went missing 13 years ago.

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Two men are believed to have caused the death of Felicia Teo Wei Ling, who was just 19 when she was murdered.

One of the suspects – Ahmad Danial Mohamed Rafa’ee, 35 – was charged with the murder of 19-year-old Teo on Thursday (17 Dec), two days after his arrest.

He appeared in court via video-link to receive the capital charge.

He is said to have murdered Teo with the aid of his accomplice Ragil Putra Setia Sukmarahjana, 32.

The police are still searching for Ragil Putra Setia, whom they believe is abroad.

More Details About Suspects Emerge

At the time, Teo and the two men were believed to be friends, as the three had all attended the Lasalle College of the Arts.

Speaking to TODAYonlinea close friend of Teo’s said Ragil and Teo, who were around the same age, first got acquainted in Lasalle. Ragil later introduced her to Ahmad, who was a few years older.

Ahmad Danial Mohamed Rafa’ee (left) and Ragil Putra Setia Sukmarahjana (right) – Image: Social Media

Ahmad, whose social media moniker is Danial Enemiko, is a creative manager at Razer. He  studied for a diploma in communication design and advertising at Lasalle from 2000 to 2004.

Meanwhile, Ragil attained an honours degree in video art from Lasalle in 2011, after studying there from 2006.

He was listed as a director’s assistant on his LinkedIn page, and has taken up various filmmaking jobs based in Jakarta, Indonesia, according to TODAYonline.

Both the men’s LinkedIn pages have since gone offline.

What Happened

On 29 June 2007, Teo reportedly left her house to attend a party.

She went to a friend’s HDB flat at Marine Terrace after the party, and was seen on CCTV footage entering a lift and taking it up to the 10th floor with two men, Ahmad and Ragil.

This was the last time Teo was seen.

The three of them were believed to be in the same flat before her disappearance, which is why both men were interviewed by the police at the time.


They told officers that Teo left the flat of her own accord in the early hours of 30 June.

In a 2007 interview with TODAY, they explained that Teo was receiving and sending many text messages that night, and when the two men complained about the noise, she “left in a huff”.

Her exit, however, was not caught on CCTV.

Since there was nothing linking the two men to Teo’s disappearance, it was classified as a missing person case.

Over 200 of Teo’s family and friends searched frantically for her at her favourite hangouts, with some even going as far as Johor Bahru, but they couldn’t find the 19-year-old anywhere.


Fresh Leads

The police said they arrested Ahmad Danial on Tuesday (15 Dec), after a review of the cold case uncovered fresh leads.

The Criminal Investigation Department made a breakthrough while tracing the belongings believed to be in Teo’s possession at the time of her disappearance.

Through this, the CID managed to link one of the belongings to the 35-year-old suspect.

Facing Death Penalty

The two men are believed to have murdered Teo in a flat on the 10th floor of Block 19, Marine Terrace, on 30 June 2007, between 1.39am and 7.20am.

The police are still searching for Teo’s remains.

Ahmad will be held at the Tanglin and Central police divisions and will return to court on 24 Dec.


If convicted of murder, the 35-year-old faces the death penalty.

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