Popular S’pore Personal Trainer Reveals How She Got Rid Of Persistent Acne

You probably didn’t know Tyen Rasif was battling an acne problem if you’re following her on Instagram or watching her YouTube videos.

Image: Instagram (Tyen Rasif)

Yeap, no traces of acne scars or whatnots here.

But yes, the popular fitness trainer who has her own show on Clicknetwork.tv was treating her cystic acne condition the whole of last year.

Image: Instagram (Tyen Rasif)

Tyen Rasif had her first bout of cystic acne at the end of 2018, purportedly the first time she’s experiencing skincare woes.

That was when she tried using makeup to hide her skin’s redness and marks while seeking treatment with a dermatologist.

A More Severe Form Of Acne

Think of cystic acne as the irritating little brother of someone you know. Yes, the one which keeps coming back for more sweets after you’ve given him 10.

Unlike the usual pimples which disappear after a while, cystic acne is more severe and persistent.

They form large, red and painful spots on your skin.

That’s because the pores are blocked and bacteria gets trapped in there. Sometimes, pus will form within these pores.

Tyen Rasif shared her story both on Instagram and her Clicknetwork show, ‘No Sweat’, after successfully keeping the skin problem under control.

How She Treated Her Condition

*Note: Each individual’s skin type is different so the best way to treat cystic acne is to consult a dermatologist*

1. Cutting Down On Intake Of Certain Foods

I know what you’re thinking…and no.

This doesn’t mean you need to start throwing away all those secretly stashed potato chips and chocolates. It simply means cutting down on certain types of food.

You are what you eat. So consuming the right type of food will help your skin too.

Tyen shared that she cut down on her dairy and sugar intake, as well as eating less processed food.


Dairy products cause insulin levels to go up and your blood sugar is not regulated. This may result in you having more breakouts.

She also switched from drinking coffee to tea, as caffeine caused her skin to be dehydrated.

The change to tea helped to hydrate her skin more.

2. Keep Skincare Routine Simple

Tyen Rasif shared that she has oily and sensitive skin so washing her face too often with skincare products resulted in skin irritation.

Since then, she washes her face with cleanser only once a day.

Though washing your face on a frequent basis is good, it might also result in your skin being too dry.

So if you’ve doubts, always consult your dermatologist.

Image: Tenor

3. Go Au Naturel For Your Skin

Tyen also stopped piling makeup on her skin. This is so that her skin can breathe and lower the risk of having clogged pores.

After her condition improved, Tyen started her makeup routine again. Just that this time around, she slaps on lesser amount of those to keep her skin healthy.

For those who are facing a similar skin condition as Tyen, the best way to solve this is to consult a dermatologist.

Depending on the complexity of your condition, the folks at the National Skin Centre will provide you with the best-recommended solution.

Check out Tyen’s full video on her cystic acne condition here: