Uber Eats Guy Caught Stealing Parcel Left at Doorstep; Apologized & Paid Up After It Went Viral

Based on my understanding, the job of a deliveryman is to deliver goods to a specific location for his clients. For example, someone working for Uber Eats will be delivering food to a specific address.

So far so good, right? I’m sure you guys understood that. However, what do you call a deliveryman who steals something from your house instead?

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On 19 Feb, Stomper binary0018, who is also a resident of the Dunearn Suites Condominium, was returning home from work and expecting to see a parcel waiting by her doorstep.

As she was not home, the courier for the parcel called her at around 6 pm, informing her that he had left her parcel on her doorstep.

“I returned after work at nearly 8pm and there was no parcel on my doorstep. I immediately checked with my courier, who confirmed he had delivered it.” said Binary0018 in an interview with Stomp.

Binary0018 said that her parcel contained beauty products and toiletries worth $343.31.

Stomper binary0018 then contacted the management of her condominium in order to view the CCTV footage in an attempt to locate the whereabouts of the parcel.

And this was what she saw:

Uber Eats guy takes condo resident's $343 parcel after delivering food to her neighbour

UPDATE: The deliveryman has paid $350 to the Stomper and written an apology letter. Read the full letter here: http://bit.ly/2FobDLmUber Eats guy takes condo resident's $343 parcel after delivering food to her neighbour https://goo.gl/K9F3MQ

Posted by Stomp on Thursday, 22 February 2018

“We saw that about half an hour after my courier left my item, another guy came up to my floor. He was delivering something to my neighbour who stays on the same floor.” said binary0018.

“The video showed saw him loitering in front of my door before surreptitiously picking up my parcel and going down the lift with it.”

Binary0018 then confirmed with her neighbour the identity of the thief, who is an Uber Eats deliveryman. The neighbour then provided Binary0018 with the details of the Uber Eats transaction, which included the name and profile photo of the deliveryman.

And the best part?

The deliveryman was dumb enough to look at the camera before committing the crime.

Image: stomp

This is truly, a perfect specimen of stupidity.

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Binary0018 has since made a police report and contacted Uber Eats for assistance.

“What has been described is unacceptable and violates our Community Guidelines.” said the spokesperson for Uber Eats in an interview with Stomp.

“We are currently looking into this incident and stand ready to support the relevant authorities in their investigations.”

After the article was published on Stomp, the Uber Eats deliveryman then contacted the website and apologized for his behaviour.

He requested for the Stomper’s contact, and explained his actions: “I saw the parcel and I just took it. I have never done this before.”

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Oh, wait, that’s not an explanation. That’s like relating what the video is all about.


And of course, the reason for his remorse? He said, “I would like to sincerely apologise and return back the things. I really feel remorseful and I hope we can settle this privately, If possible, I would not want this to escalate to the authorities.”

The Stomper has rejected the return of the parcel, saying, “I’m afraid is not possible for me to accept back the items. Obviously, the box would have already been opened and the contents inside handled (perhaps even tested/used).

“Some of these items were actually meant to be given as presents. And these are ladies’ personal care/grooming items. Given their nature, you can understand why it’s not nice to take them back.

“I may consider withdrawing the police report if restitution of the full value of these items is made.”

And so, the deliveryman transferred $350 to the Stomper, in which the value is at only $343.31.


As for the deliveryman?

He’s now temporarily banned.

All because of a parcel.

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