Everything About the UFO Videos That Are Released by US Authorities


Unknowingly, the entire human race is just playing a very elaborate game of bingo.

The apocalypse bingo.

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Since we’re approaching the end of April, you might be wondering what we’re crossing off this time.


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Reader: But the last time you covered something about UFO, it turned out it was just frozen airline poop.

Ok fine. Maybe not aliens.

But this time… it really is a UFO, as in “Unidentified Flying Object”. So, not really aliens, but still, nobody can confirm what the heck we’re seeing.

US Navy Declassified UFO Videos

Just yesterday, the US Department of Defense has authorized the release of three unclassified Navy videos, which you can even download at the Navy website (titled FLIR, GOFAST, and GIMBAL).

Here’s a compilation of the videos by The Guardian, with subtitles:

Here’s where you go around telling people that we’re all gonna die because aliens are coming.

But actually…


Those Are Old Videos

US Navy pilots actually took the footage during training flights in 2004 and 2015. The video from 2004 was taken off the coast of southern California, while the other two were captured by F-18 pilots at the Atlantic Coast in January 2015.

And then in 2017 the video were internally declassified.

Look, the New York Times shared the videos back in 2017 before, and the 2004 one was also leaked in 2007. The videos had been spreading on the internet since the internal declassification.

So this “new” UFO video is really just the US gahmen going through one more step of red tape to say “okay there’s nothing wrong with the public knowing about these videos”.

Yep. So it’s not really that 2020 is getting weird. The world was already weird before 2020.

So Why Suddenly Release?

A very good answer you can get is from the Joe Rogan podcast, who interviewed a retired US Navy Pilot who was inside the pit in the 2004 video.

The podcast is, unfortunately, longer than the time I have to write this article, so there won’t be a summary from me.

The Department of Defense statement said that the release “does not reveal any sensitive capabilities of systems”, and that’s actually a major reason why the US DOD released it.

You see, the US really gives less a shit about people knowing about aliens than people knowing about the fact that they have the ability to see aliens.

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From the released video, people can calculate the abilities of the US Navy such as tracking capabilities of their radar, pilot speed, altitude, range to target, closure speed, laser codes, the direction of the pod, and probably much more than a dumb writer can list.


And for military, it’s a good idea to not let any potential enemies know what you’re capable of, in case they find a countermeasure for your capabilities. It’s like not letting other people know how many +4 card you have when playing UNO.

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In other words, it’s less about the US gahmen saying “f*ck it, release the aliens” and more of them saying “I reveal my trap card, but I still have more up my sleeve”.

And releasing it is also a good idea to debunk conspiracy theories about aliens.

Oh yeah. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s been debunked.

What The Heck Are We Looking At?

Mick West, a legend who investigates conspiracy theories and helps people whose lives were affected by conspiracy theories, have released a 3-minute summary explaining the UFO videos:

In the video, he explains that the FLIR video is likely a distant plane that is out of focus and low resolution:

Image: Mick West

The pilot could have seen something different, but the video evidence says otherwise.

The GIMBAL video which looks like its rotating is also probably a plane.

Image: Mick West

So why the heck does it look like it’s rotating? What you’re seeing is actually the infrared glare of the engines, which he says is confusing to explain in a few minutes.

The full explanation should be found in the playlist he made over the years:

The “aura” around the plane is caused by image sharpening.


THe GOFAST video? A balloon. If you look at the numbers on the screen, you’ll find that the object is actually not moving fast. It’s just an effect caused by parallax.

Basically, the jet filming it is moving so fast, while the balloon is moving so slow. This creates an illusion that the object is moving fast, especially after the targeting system locks on.

As for official explanations from the Navy, it’s unlikely they’ll release anything due to red tape and security regulations.

So technically, whatever is in the videos are still UFO, as in “unidentified flying objects”.

If there really are aliens, I’d think these videos wouldn’t even have gone out in the first place.

I think.