Projectile Dropped from Sky & People Thought It’s a UFO, But It’s Actually Poo


Do you believe in the extraterrestrial?


I do; in the same way that I believe in happiness.

Both are man-made myths…

Anyhow, what will you do when you notice this falling from the sky:

Image: gurgaon police

A frozen object of sorts…

It is easy to think that it is must have come from outer space but in actual fact, it is frozen shit.

But how?

Well, let me tell you.

What happened

Weighing at 10-12 KG, the frozen shit fell on Fazilpur Badli village in Gurgaon district on Saturday.

The villagers were awoken by the loud thud and they took pieces of the frozen shit home, as one does.

Senior Gurgaon official Vivek Kalia mentioned that some of the villagers thought it was an “extraterrestrial” object.

“Others thought it was some celestial rock and I’ve heard that they took samples home,” he said,” he added.

But after a chemical analysis on the frozen ball, Kalia said that they “suspect strongly” that it is frozen airline excrement.

Yes, airline poop.

Why is the poop frozen

Planes fly at high altitudes, and at that point, the outside temperatures are very cold—sub-zero temperatures.

So, this caused the poop to freeze when it leaked out from the plane and by the time it reaches the ground, it will break up into shards.


In January 2016, a woman central in Madhya Pradesh suffered a major shoulder injury when a frozen airline waste the size of a football crashed into the roof of her house.

Why is it blue though?

There are special chemicals used in the aeroplane toilets.

These chemicals help to reduce the odour and help break down the poo particles.

You wouldn’t want the whole plane stinking just cause someone had the runs.

This is not a rare phenomenon

According to Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority, 25 falls of “blue ice” are reported annually in the UK, from the 2.5 million flights.


Yucks, remember when we experienced hail in 2013, and this brave woman actually tasted it:

I am just saying, don’t put weird stuff in your mouth without knowing its true origins.

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Featured image: gurgaon police