UK Stops Sale Of Tear Gas & Rubber Bullets To Hong Kong

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Unless you live in a rural village or have been in Pulau Tekong the past few weeks with no access to the internet, you would know that all eyes are on Hong Kong.

If that’s truly the case, I’m glad you have somehow found a way to read this article, because here’s an article that’ll summarise everything.

Long story short, the protests began because the people of Hong Kong hope for the following to materialize:

  • Withdrawal of the bill
  • Prevent extradition to mainland China
  • Resignation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam
    Before she became the Chief executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam claimed that she would resign should she lose her people’s trust. Despite mass protests against her extradition bill which clearly proves the public’s distrust, Lam is still not staying true to her words and is unwilling to resign.

So far, the bill has been suspended but people are now protesting for Carrie Lam’s resignation and a complete withdrawal of the bill.

Fights break out during Hong Kong protest

As tensions rise at the scene of the protests, there have been news of the police injuring protesters unnecessarily.

According to Channel NewsAsia, police were armed with batons and pepper spray which they used on protesters to clear them from the city’s parliament.

A few people interviewed by Asian Boss said that there were instances where the police did not give protesters a heads-up before engaging weapons like tear gas.

And guess what happened next?


UK to Stop Supplying Hong Kong with Crowd Control Tools

News of police brutality during the protests is widespread.

As a result, the UK has decided to stop future sale of tear gas among other crowd control devices to Hong Kong “until an independent investigation is held”, as reported by The Guardian.

Foreign Secretary of UK, Jeremy Hunt said in a statement on 12 June, “I today urge the Hong Kong government to establish a robust independent investigation into the violent scenes that we saw.”

Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization supporting human rights examined footage of the protests and verified that the police were excessively violent. According to the organization’s director, Man-kei Tam, “police officers appear out of control, placing peaceful protesters who posed no threat in danger of serious injury”.

But of course, the police don’t have easy as well as protesters have had their share of violence. They are essentially doing their job of maintaining order on-ground but a handful of them have been injured by protesters.

Also, protesters have even started taking the fight online where they cyber-bully police officers and their families.

We at Goody Feed this insanity will end soon.

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