UK vs S’pore: Local TikToker Tries & Review McDonald’s UK Version of McSpicy

Singaporeans aren’t fans of the heat when it comes to our ever-relentless humid weather, but we definitely welcome heat when it comes to food.

The renowned McSpicy burger from McDonald’s has since become a favourite among spice enthusiasts in Singapore.

With its fiery blend of flavours, this fried-chicken delight has gained a positive reputation among locals who appreciate a spicy kick.

Singaporean TikTok user @Dargoyaki also couldn’t resist the allure when he came across the McSpicy on the menu at a McDonald’s in the United Kingdom (UK).

Curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to try it, although he anticipated that it might not be as spicy as the version he was accustomed to in Singapore.

Creator Tried the United Kingdom’s Version of McSpicy Out Of Curiosity

@dargoyaki London McSpicy more like MidSpicy #mcdonaldsuk #mcspicy ♬ original sound – Dargo – Taobao Super Idol

On 22 May 2023, TikTok creator Dargoyaki shared a 59-second video on TikTok, offering his review of the McSpicy experience in the UK.

Known for creating videos that address odd internet questions, which he claims “nobody asked for” in his TikTok bio, Dargoyaki expressed his desire to eat some burgers at the reliable McDonald’s after being tired of European food during his ten-day trip in the UK.

To his surprise, he discovered that his local favourite, the McSpicy, was on the menu and decided to try it, eager to compare it to its Singaporean counterpart.

At first glance, he noted that the UK version of the McSpicy closely resembled the Singaporean one, featuring the same sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, and meat patty.

However, there was a noticeable difference—the UK version used chicken breast for the patty, whereas the Singaporean version typically utilises the chicken thigh.

Nevertheless, Dargoyaki emphasised that the flavour was what truly mattered, and he was pleasantly surprised by the taste, which evoked a sense of home.

However, according to his assessment, he did mention that the spiciness, which is typically associated with the McSpicy, needed improvement in the UK version.

United Kingdom’s Version of McSpicy Not As Spicy As Singaporean Version

Image: TikTok (@dargoyaki)

When comparing the spiciness levels, Dargoyaki likened the Singaporean McSpicy to “zhong la” (medium spice), drawing a comparison to the standard heat of the popular Sichuanese-flavoured dish, mala

In contrast, he described the UK version as “xiao la” (mild spice).

Dargoyaki also pointed out that UK’s McSpicy burger lacked the characteristic oozing oils and fiery sensation accompanying a bite into the Singaporean version of the burger. 

This difference could be attributed to its chicken breast patty, which resulted in the absence of the burning sensation on the tongue that he dearly missed.

Furthermore, he noted that he didn’t experience any fiery aftermaths in his stomach and didn’t need to anticipate a “chocolate volcanic eruption” the next day, referring to the common occurrence of stomachaches and diarrhoea for some after consuming a Singaporean McSpicy.

Despite the milder spice level, Dargoyaki concluded that the UK McSpicy still retained the essence of its Singaporean counterpart, which is beloved by many.

The McSpicy Burger Is Popular In Western Countries

The McSpicy permanently returned to McDonald’s UK’s menu on 15 February 2023 following its initial limited release in July 2021, where it was discontinued just after six weeks.

Contrary to the stereotype that Westerners don’t enjoy spice, response to the McSpicy in the UK has been generally positive, with many UK citizens praising its delicious flavour. 

However, it was noted that the spice level of the burger was still perceived as too hot for some Westerners living there.

Similar to concerns voiced by locals in Singapore, there were worries about potential stomachaches after consuming the McSpicy among UK residents.

Meanwhile, in October 2020, McDonald’s Australia also reintroduced the McSpicy to their menu, but the response from spice enthusiasts was more varied. 

Fans of Singapore’s beloved chicken burger noticed a difference in quality and felt that the spice level of the Australian version needed improvement.

Meanwhile, users online have shared their hacks for enhancing the McSpicy experience for Westerners, including suggestions like adding cheese, onions, or bacon.

Whether you’re a local or foreigner enjoying the McSpicy abroad or in Singapore, considering these hacks could be worth exploring for an upgraded flavour.