Ultimate Guide on How To Ask a Stranger or Friend Out on 14 Feb

To all the single folks out there, Valentine’s Day might be simply a day where chocolate and roses are overpriced or another day for hanging out with friends that you love.

If you’re interested in getting lucky, how about asking out that girl you’ve been hanging out with for awhile, or that guy with the cute haircut at the bus stop?

Asking a stranger out:

1. Induce love at first sight

First impressions are essential in almost any kind of interaction, more so when you want to get a number. Slick your hair back in place smooth your clothes out. When attempting a start a conversation, remember to give a genuine smile; it’s possible to tell whether someone’s smile is genuine as there are creases at the skin near your eyes during a real grin.

2. Start a conversation on a common activity

Of course, make sure that you’re not popping a question too suddenly! Make a comment on a shared activity or something you’re both observing. The classic Singaporean example would be “Train break down again. Third time this week liao. This happen to you before?” In more casual situations, you could chat up someone watching a concert or music performance beside you, and so on.

3. Make sure they’re available

This can mean two things, whether they’re attached and whether they’re going to make time for you. Mention an event during the weekend you two could attend, or offer an invitation to a cafe of some sort. Follow up with an exchange of numbers, or you could offer your contact under the guise of updating them for an event you’re both interested in. If the other party mentions a partner, well, at least you made an acquaintance.

Asking a friend out:

1. Approach your friend in a comfortable environment

‘Friendzoned’ isn’t in your vocabulary, and you don’t need to hide under the guise of a friend. Make sure that you’re alone with your friend and that he or she is open to starting a different kind of conversation, before asking in person. In a setting with many peers around, you might seem to merely be acting as a friend would.

2. Slip the word ‘date’ in (or make the romantic notion obvious)

This may seem a little redundant, but if you som how forget to mention it or phrase your question the right way, you seem to be asking for another outing as a friend. You could suggest an activity and end off with, “So it’s a date?” and act accordingly to her response.

3. Provide gifts suited to their likes

You’ve got the advantage of knowing the other party better than others. Make full use of it and present something they would like while asking them out on a date. You could even prepare something personalised to show your sincerity.

Valentine’s day won’t be a lonely occasion for you if you’ve gotten some numbers and caught a date. Be it stranger or friend, we hope love will be in the air for those looking for it!

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