The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Steamboats in S’pore


Last Updated on 2020-01-23 , 5:35 pm

Although many people always say that it is best to steamboat on a cold and chilly day (you know, like in China or Hong Kong), we Singaporeans still eat steamboat frequently and we love it even in this burning hot weather, cooking the food under our sweats.

But after all these years, steamboat has evolved into different types to suit the palate of everyone–some even with a creative twist. Here are some of the steamboats that are worth trying out, because #CNY!

BBQ steamboat

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You get the best of both worlds when you have BBQ steamboat. In the middle of the pot, you get to grill your favourite meat while at the side, you can cook your favourite ingredients in the thick broth. Of course, this isn’t limited to Mookata, but most would relate it to this Thai BBQ.

Do you know that rumours have it that long ago, this could have been invented by soldiers who had to improvise while cooking in the jungle, so they used their helments to BBQ? Interesting, isn’t it?

Fish Head Steamboat

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Ah, the most traditional one that most of us would be familiar with, Fish head steamboat is one of the favourites for many people, primarily because the elderly used to have this regularly. Despite its name, you don’t really need to have fish head with it!

Steam box

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Okay, this is something very new, and there’s a chance that it will be a trend in 2017. Firstly, you steam your various ingredients. While steaming, the natural juices of the ingredients will drip to the bottom of the plate and into the congee that is cooking in the soup base.

By steaming the ingredients first, all the nutrients of the ingredients will be locked in, making your meal delicious and very healthy at the same time. Other than steaming the ingredients for your steamboat, you can also steam dim sum, adding more variety to your steamboat.

Available in Steam Box Steam Hot Pot Specialist, you can read more about this here.

Pagoda Steamboat

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Another creative twist that might just be the next food trend, Pagoda Steamboat is perfect if you want to have a feast. At Flame Cafe, the restaurant that made it popular, you get to enjoy your pagoda steamboat in 4 tiers and even with cheese. On the first tier at the bottom, you get to choose one out of five soup bases they have. On the second tier, there will be a grill to grill your meat. On the third tier, you get a pot of cheese.

On the very top tier, you have a steamer. In just one steamboat meal, you get to eat in multiple ways. The cheese is also a new way of eating steamboat, which is vastly different from your traditional way of eating steamboat.

Japanese Steamboat

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If you love Japanese food, then Japanese steamboat is the way to go. You can even have soba as a side while you are waiting for ingredients to be cooked. The most popular Japanese steamboat? Collagen hotpot, of course.

Cheese steamboat

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Cheese and steamboat? Shut up and take my money!

Enjoy a cheese fondue while having your steamboat, which is made with cheddar-jack and mozzarella at Hook On Steamboat. Experience a different kind of flavour as you dip your fishballs into the cheese.

If you are not used to having too much cheese, you can actually change for a normal broth at the second refill. But, seriously, why?!