Ultra S’pore Allegedly Facing Delay With Stage Not Up Yet; Rumoured to Move Indoors

Image: YouTube

Before officially stepping into a nightclub, I was introduced to ZoukOut back in 2015.

For that very reason, I didn’t know what to expect. It probably explained why I had such a great time too – no expectations, no disappointment. It felt like a whole new world.

With that said, would I attend an outdoor rave again? Yes. Do I recommend it to others? Absolutely, in a heartbeat.

Apart from ZoukOut, another popular electronic music festival would be Ultra. Some say the latter is more worth your money because you’re essentially paying a bit more to listen to more DJs spin.

Another cheating scandal has emerged, and this time, it involves Show Luo and a young actress. Click on the image to read more!

Ultra 2019

Image: Ultra Singapore

Ultra Singapore first took off in 2015, with the fourth edition slated to take place over this weekend on 8 and 9 June.

Since its beginning, Ultra Park, an open-field opposite Marina Bay Sands has housed the music festival. This year, however, fans are off to a bad start days before the event.

According to SG Magazine, stage construction work usually begins a month prior to the music festival.

No Tickets Received

However, no stage was in sight at Ultra Park last week.

Unless they managed to 3D-print the entire stage, it’ll be an uphill task to construct it within days.

On top of the delayed construction, a number of fans hadn’t received their tickets for the festival. This spurred them to convey their concerns to the organizers on social media, asking for updates and ticket confirmation.

Image: Facebook/ Ultra Singapore

And It Doesn’t Help That This Text Was Circulating Around

So imagine this, you’re waiting for tickets that felt like it wouldn’t come and you happen to see this text floating around.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Image: mustsharenews.com

Here’s the TL; DR if you can’t read the text message:

  • Ultra 2019 is cancelled
  • Owner Alex Chew is currently facing 17 lawsuits for non-payment or late payment to vendors for the past three years.
  • Furthermore, there were no government permits approved and stage construction has not started.
  • Go demand for refunds now.
Image: Giphy

Then, someone came to the rescue.

Venue Has Changed, Actually

With speculations of Ultra Singapore to be cancelled on the rise, one netizen (we’ll name him VR man) shared that the venue has been changed from Ultra Park to an indoor venue in Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

He also told people to check their junk folder to see if they’ve received their tickets.

At a time where everywhere aims to be forward-looking, seems like Ultra is doing a little #throwback by going back in time to when they first started.

Image: Facebook/ Ultra Singapore

Reactions from the public

Ultra-goers, of course, are disappointed given that they’ve essentially been moved from a bigger venue with pyrotechnics and fireworks to a smaller, squeezier venue.

They are also concerned with the crowd and security, given that 41,000 people turned up last year.

But without a doubt, they’re just relieved they can get to see their favourite international artistes anyway.

E-tickets have been sent out in batches.

And the final ones will be dispatched by tomorrow, 5 June.

While the experience will most definitely be different, at least the show will still go on, eh?

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