Man Dared Internet for 1 Million Comments to Cut ‘Umbrella’ Hairstyle; He Got the Comments & The Haircut

Are you currently obsessed with devising the perfect dare this Covid-19 quarantine period? Because if you are for some inexplicable reason…

Well, this might be worth checking out:

Man Dared Internet for 1m Comments to Cut ‘Umbrella’ Hairstyle & He Got the Comments & The Haircut

On 29 April 2020, Facebook user Mohammad Rafiezulanwar Jaffri uploaded a post to the social media platform, challenging Netizens to accumulate a total of 1 million comments on his Facebook status update.

In the unlikely event that it happens, Rafie said that he will cut his hair ‘umbrella-style’, like the model in the attached picture.

But he was so confident in himself that he wrote:

“If I get one million comments, I will cut my hair like this but I know it won’t happen.”

Well, you never know.

Fast forward a couple of hours to night time, and Rafie’s post has garnered a staggering 1 million comments and 18,000 shares. Granted, there were repeated comments by the same users, but considering how Rafie did not explicitly warn against it…

It’s safe to say that he has lost the bet.

And so, Rafie was besieged by ‘requests’ for him to carry out his obligation, and after a quick update on his whereabouts at 7:42 p.m…

Image: Facebook (Mohammad Rafiezulanwar Jaffri)

And after another couple of hours, he turned up at 10:00 p.m. as agreed, wearing a garbage bag while facing a live feed full of anticipatory viewers.

As it turns out, he had been scouring the nearby mall after work for clippers, but was unable to find one. As a result, he had to settle for scissors.

Which would kind of complicate things, but that’s for later.

Anyways, Rafie seems to have gotten a few of his housemates to help him, and from the looks of it he looks nothing short of excited.

Image: Facebook (Mohammad Rafiezulanwar Jaffri)

Well alright so maybe he doesn’t look that excited, but it’s probably just first-time jitters. No biggie.

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And so Operation Umbrella Haircut (OUH) commenced, and Rafie’s temporary barbers got to work: they cut his hair to fan out like an umbrella, and trimmed the sides and top short. But because they couldn’t quite achieve the umbrella hairstyle, they had to utilise a normal shaver to ease things up.

Image: Facebook (Mohammad Rafiezulanwar Jaffri)

And there I thought that my Ah Hock hairstyle was bad enough; this one definitely takes the cake.

Lest you’ve not seen Ah Hock’s 90s centre-parting hairstyle, here you go:

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Throughout the near 90-min video, Rafie proved a good sport despite his impending hairstyle demise, and even answered questions and comments in a cheery tone.

What a man.


Thereafter, he showcased his new hairstyle and revealed that it’s all for entertainment. He will, however, keep the hairstyle for a couple of days since everyone was requesting for it.

You can view the full video down below:

Housekeeper By Day, Umbrella By Night

In an exclusive interview with World Of Buzz, Rafie revealed that he’s currently working as a housekeeper in a Singapore hospital. And as far as the dare’s concerned, it was all out of sheer spontaneity and confidence that it would not reach one million comments.

Well, looks like his plan went South. Real South.


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Apparently, his colleagues were watching his livestream too, but he had the saving grace of being on off the next day (30 April). Today (1 May 2020), however, will surely be a different case altogether.

Nevertheless, he thanked everyone for contributing to his status, and implored for each and everyone of us to stay home during this testing period.

“Thank you for commenting tiredlessly and also sharing till it reached 1 million comments! This is just for entertainment and if I ever said something wrong then please forgive me! Also, remember to stay at home!”

Kudos, Rafie. It takes a man to set such a game-changing dare;

It takes a real man to actually carry it out when the exit door’s always there.


And with that said, stay home and stay safe people. Together…

We shall persist under this umbrella of kindness.

P.s. If you guys are game for a real dare during this time, I reckon this challenge will be right up your alley.

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