Uncle Raymond is Now in a New Shopee Ad But Blue Shirt Last Warning Didn’t Appear


Shopee has invited many celebrities and influencers to be a part of their commercial including Jian Hao Tan, Naomi Neo and Mark Lee.

We always anticipate who will be the next face we see on Shopee, or some may even wish that they are lucky enough to get picked by Shopee.

This time, Shopee has selected Uncle Raymond to be a part of their 11.11 sale commercial.

A blue cat has predicted this to come true and it indeed happened.

Although blue shirt last warning didn’t appear.

Who is Uncle Raymond? 

In case you are a boomer who does not use TikTok, you might have missed out on who Uncle Raymond is.

One of the most iconic figures in 2022 emerged from TikTok in April this year. He is none other than Uncle Raymond, a man in his 50s, who went viral for his TikTok dance videos.

@raymondl88 Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move. @user7122534126645 ♬ 百年孤寂 – 184 諺

Who would have thought that a 10-second dance outside the MRT station can make you famous? 

Some fans approached him to ask for a selfie and some even requested to join Uncle Raymond in his signature TikTok dance.



While he gained some critique online, he also has a group of supportive fans who believes that his initiatives make people happy and help them to keep active.

Since then, he has been invited to dance with notable groups including Team Nila, TikTok, and even Minister Ong Ye Kung.

Image: @raymondl88 / TikTok

The Shopee Ad 

This time, Uncle Raymond has scored yet another big gig with Shopee.

He is dressed in an orange polo tee, and something iconic about Uncle Raymond is that he always wears polo shirts to dance.

In this commercial, although Uncle Raymond has minimal lines, he never fails to brighten up the mood with his energetic dance moves and gorgeous smile.

We can see some references to his signature dance moves in the advertisements, such as the casts punching their hands in the air at the end of the commercial.

Image: Shopee Singapore

In the meantime, we’d most likely be hearing this more often: musibot uncle raymond siol!?

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Featured Image: @raymondl88 / TikTok & Shopee Singapore