Group of Uncles Set Up Gambling Table at Yishun HDB Stairway Landing During Wee Hours


While we all know that gatherings with friends are mostly fun, we also probably know that having noisy neighbours that create a ruckus throughout the entire night might be one of the most annoying things ever known to mankind.

But it seems like a group of uncles might have missed the memo on the latter, resulting in residents nearby bringing up complaints about their behaviour.

Uncles Seen Gambling and Smoking Loudly at Yishun HDB Stairway

According to Shin Min Daily News, a group of uncles were seen gambling around a table placed at the stairway of an HDB block in Yishun, 284 Yishun Avenue 6 to be exact.

Apart from that, they were seen drinking and smoking as well.

A man surnamed Lin told Shin Min that he heard the sound of people talking from his window at around 11pm on 11 June.

Upon looking out of his window, he saw a group of people gathered at the stairwell between the second and third floors of an HDB block near his house.

He also shared that he witnessed them taking out money from their pockets to place bets while gambling.

According to the video he took, there were around eight to ten people involved in the gathering.

Mr Lin also told Shin Min that although social gambling between family and friends is not illegal in Singapore, it should only take place within people’s homes.

He also revealed that the group had not dispersed even until 1am that night.

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When Shin Min reporters visited the area yesterday (12 June) afternoon, there were several tables and plastic chairs placed along the corridor of the second storey at that block.

However, the owner of the unit involved declined to be interviewed.

One neighbour told Shin Min that she saw tables and chairs being set out on the afternoon of 11 June.

Initially thinking that her neighbours were holding some sort of celebration, she expressed that she is alright with them having tables and chairs along the corridor for gatherings or meals but not gambling.

She also shared that the group was still gathered at the stairway when her grandson reached home at around 4am the next morning.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News