Unemployed Father Sold His 1YO Daughter Away To Pay Gambling Debts


Last Updated on 2019-03-25 , 3:02 pm

We all know that children are the future of this world.

Just like how the crappy Goody Feed cat is possibly the father of the equally-nonsensical Garfield and how Miley Cyrus is apparently this giraffe.

Image: Bored Panda

But children, or more specifically one man’s daughter, appears to be, sadly, a pawn item as well.

A Daughter For Approximately SGD$12,000

According to World of Buzz and Daily Mail, an unemployed man was arrested for selling his one-year-old daughter for approximately 60,000 Yuan (SGD$12,000) in order to pay off his gambling debts.

Hailing from Guiyang, Guizhou, the father, Jiang, racked up 60,000 Yuan worth of debt while gambling online.

Image: Daily Mail

Jiang, the (bad) man.

What Happened

Jiang had allegedly told his wife that he was bringing the child over to her grandmother’s house in November last year.

Jiang’s wife suspicions grew when she had not heard from her daughter nor was she able to pinpoint her daughter’s whereabouts.

Given a different reason each time she had to ask of her daughter’s absence, Jiang’s wife decided to snoop around his phone and lo and behold, she discovered that Jiang was planning to sell their daughter to a couple from Zhoushan, Zhejiang.

She quickly flew over to her mother-in-law’s place and was shocked to discover that her daughter had been taken away weeks back.

Image: Tenor

The Hunt and Arrest

What comes next resembles a Hollywood film of a cat-and-mouse chase, and since we are on that, Tom and Jerry even.

After receiving Jiang’s wife’s report, the search was on and that led authorities to a hotel in Guiyang where he was found hiding.

He was immediately arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and investigations are still ongoing.

The child though, was found in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, a whopping 1, 850 kilometres away from their home and was swiftly returned to Jiang’s wife last Friday, 15th March.

Jiang confessed that he had hatched this scheme after seeing an adoption notice online, and had contacted the couple who were ultimately willing to pay Jiang the amount he had desired.

He had also lied that he was a divorcee and could not afford to raise the child alone.

Image: Daily Mail

Child Reunited.

Child Abduction and Human Trafficking

According to Daily Mail, “child abduction” is a serious problem in China, especially in rural areas.

With Chinese authorities being tight-lipped about the sensitive nature of the topic and inherently, figures, Chinese news site Caijing estimates, in a 2016 report, that around 200,000 children go missing every year.

Among them, only 200, or 0.1 per cent, will ever make their way back to their parents at some point in their lives.


If there’s anything to be said about this news, please folks, treat your children with respect and love them like your own blood.

Wait a minute, they are indeed your own blood.

And folks, don’t gamble.