Uni Student Caught on Video Attacking Female Classmate Because She ‘Made Him Look Stupid in Class’


Aren’t academic institutions a place for open discussions where students can share their perspectives on issues and learn from one another? 

True, there may be disagreements on certain issues with occasional heated moments but certainly, aggressive physical actions cross the line. 

And I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you see what happened to this female student who “made a classmate looked dumb in class”.

Male Uni Grad Attacked Female Classmate from Behind

In a video that was recently uploaded on the Internet, a Chinese male graduate student from the Shanghai University of Sport was seen walking up to a fellow female student and slapped the back of her head, causing her to crumple to the ground.

As she attempted to get up, he kicked her in the chest, sending her back to the ground.

She then stood up and attempted to confront the male student. Unfortunately, she was sent flying by a final kick from the male before he walked away.

She made him look stupid in class

According to Shanghaiist, the reason for the unexpected assault was because she embarrassed him in a class debate. 

The video was uploaded online and went viral. Chinese netizens slammed him for his behaviour and asked for his expulsion. 

The school responded with a statement saying that the female student was brought to the hospital and did not sustain injuries from the attack. They went on to say they will deal with the male student according to school regulations. 

Check out the video of the assault below

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