Uniqlo S’pore Launching BT21 X Uniqlo T-Shirt On 21 June 2019

If there’s one thing about Uniqlo you need to know, it’s their awesome collaboration with their UT collection.

They had Naruto.

Image: Uniqlo

Mickey Mouse.

Image: Uniqlo

And on 24 June 2019, Pokemon.

Image: Uniqlo

Well, guess what? Pokemon isn’t going to be the only awesome release Uniqlo’s doing in June 2019.

There’s The BT21 x UT Collaboration Too

Now, if you’re a BTS fan, a.k.a Army, you’d probably have known this already. But for those who aren’t, it doesn’t stop us from appreciating cute and beautiful designs.

BT21 are cute cartoon characters created by the Korean boyband, BTS, themselves.

Image: Choice Music LA

And here’s how they created them.

Cute? Cute.

The T-shirts will be available from 21 June 2019. And judging by how strong the BTS fanbase is in Singapore, it won’t be there for long.

Allegedly Have 12 Different Designs

So, how much money do you have to prepare for the launch?

According to a redditor, it’s rumoured that there will be 12 designs in all.

Image: Reddit

And that it could be available online too.

So, seeing how Uniqlo Singapore usually sell their UT collection at $19.90 each, you’ll be safe preparing $240 if you want the entire collection.

How’s The Competition Looking Like?

For a post that was only online since 10 am yesterday, it has garnered 281 shares with many comments like these:

The competition’s going to be fierce. Like $20-bicentennial-note level of fierce.


But One Thing For Sure, Uniqlo Might Just Put Up More Stocks

Okay, this isn’t guaranteed but a higher probability.

After all, their previous KAWs collection was so popular people were fighting over it. Literally.

Singaporeans had trouble buying the shirt through the app. One said they waited for 3 hours.

TL; DR: Apps crashed, webpages refresh and tears fell.


Some stayed up till 3 am to spend their moolah and there was more demand for Uniqlo to restock the design than for our Goody Feed app.

Yup, totally not envious here.

One thing for sure: Singaporeans might forgive but they never forget.

And as with anything BTS, don’t worry if you can’t get it from Uniqlo because you can always get it off Carousell.


Okay, I’m kidding. Don’t encourage the scalpers, please.

And Uniqlo, I know you probably won’t read this but can send me one BT21-Van-design UT? #OneCanAlwaysDreamRight

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