A Shop Has Been Ordered to Close After Violating Safe-Distancing Measures

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So you think “safe-distancing” is merely a phrase used to advise people to keep a distance, and there would be no consequences if you don’t abide by it?

Well, think again.

Other than being called out as socially irresponsible, your premises might be ordered to close, too.

That’s what happened to a shop in Little India.

Mobile Phone Shop Ordered to Close After Violating Safe-Distancing Measures

UniverCell Mobile Market is a shop selling mobile phones and accessories in Serangoon Road.

Apparently, yesterday (5 April 2020) at about 1pm, officers from Singapore Tourism Board (STB) were conducting checks on safe distancing when they found that the shop was “severely overcrowded”.

There was no one-metre distance between customers and the shop has allowed everyone to come in.

The officers then gave a verbal warning to the shop.

And you thought they’ve have done something, like limiting the number of customers inside the shop. Or at least do something lah like draw a line or whatever.

But no, it seems like to them, their bottom line is more important than the lives of over 5 million people.

STB officers came back at about 7:15pm and the shop was still overcrowded.

And that didn’t end…until police officers came to disperse the crowd.

In view of this, the Ministry of Health has ordered the closure of the shop at 2pm today, which the shop complied.

They’d have to close for 14 days for violating the rules, but it turns out that they’re not an “essential business” so they’d close until 4 May 2020, which to be honest, won’t have made any difference to them.

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But of course, it’s all about the message: MOH said, “MOH will not hesitate to take action against any individual or business that violates the Infectious Diseases Act. We urge everyone to observe the safe distancing measures that have been put in place, and to be socially responsible.”

Shop is Near Mustafa Centre

What’s even more, for the lack of a better word, damning is that the shop is located near Mustafa Centre, a cluster with a staggering 28 cases so far.


Which obviously isn’t going to be fine since it’s been reported that a number of foreigner workers have been infected in dormitories.

And you know what’s worse?

They were selling some “COVID-19” insurance with some 40GB for 30 days which I’ve no idea what it’s all about:

Image: Facebook (Univercell Market Singapore)

No wonder the authorities have to shut down all non-essential shops for 4 weeks.

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