Unlicensed Driver in S’pore Who GTA-ed for 4 Min with Police Jailed: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (24 May)

Here’s what the world is like today.

You’re not happy with something? Go online and tell your side of the story.

Sometimes, it works. Like these 10 people who were shamed online.

And sometimes, it doesn’t.

But before that, let’s look at a man who GTA-ed in Singapore. Yah, in Singapore.

S’pore Man Who Went GTA on Police & Led Them on a Chase Sentenced To 9.5 Months Jail

There will be times where you’ll do stupid things. Even things that you know you’ll regret.

Like leading the police on a chase.

On 22 May 2018, it was reported that 58-year-old Chua Lim Teck who led the police on a chase last year, was sentenced to 9-and-a-half months’ jail and banned from driving for three years.

He did not have a valid license to drive the red van and had 180 cartons of contraband cigarettes on board the van.

When he was stopped by a police roadblock on 16 July 2017 at about 10.45 am at Lorong 14 Geylang.

His wife, who was with him, got off the van when instructed to by the police. However, Chua just drove the van away at high speed.

Leading the police on a 4-minute chase and knocked into 3 cars, crashed into a gantry and go against the flow of traffic.

Even after the chase, he tried to run away and was subdued by the police.

He is currently out on bail to process a subsidy for his child and will start serving his sentence on 28 May.

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Man Claimed Geylang Serai Bazaar Sells ‘Plastic Crackers’, Gets Flamed Instead

Image: Anissul Asaad Facebook Page

On 22 May, Facebook user Anissul Asaad posted uploaded a video which went viral.

It showed a man who brought a packet of fish crackers at a stall in the Geylang Serai Bazaar.

Image: mothership.sg

Translation: It’s sad to see our own people bringing down others. If it was indeed plastic, it would have melted, uncle… What are your thoughts?

The camera was pointed in the direction of the stall even before the incident began. Then, the camera captured another voice saying that if it’s not plastic, it wouldn’t burn.

The man talked to the stall owner, telling her he believed them to be plastic. And to stop selling them for health’s sake.

A child’s voice was captured as well, saying that he just ate plastic. Following which, an adult replied, “I know, I know.”

So, the video was uploaded to Facebook and netizens reacted. Unfortunately, not in the way they were hoping.

The general sentiments were that, even if it’s not plastic, it’ll still burn.

As if it was plastic. It was fried in oil, of course it is inflammable.

How far can his stupidity go?

I pity the stall owner, she must have been embarrassed.

In fact, even Singapore deejay Dzar Ismail had a thing to say about the video.

Keropok lekor is made from fish, tapioca starch and deep-fried in cooking oil. Tapioca starch can catch fire if placed onto direct flame or a hot pan. Cooking oil, as we all know, are mostly inflammable too.

Image: pinterest.com

But hey, at least he got one thing correct. These are unhealthy for people. I mean, it’s deep-fried in oil, isn’t it?

McDonald’s S’pore Ramadan Ad Goes Viral, Touched Netizens Around The World

Okay, this was supposed to go into our Video of the Day exclusive article, but it’s just too good not to share here.

Watch the video for yourself first:

Some commenters cried. Some didn’t, but felt real good at the end of the day.

And in classic Singapore style, the video just had to showcase how harmoniously different races lived together with one another.

The ad was so good it got picked up by international media.

Image: BuzzFeed

And garnered plenty of positive reactions.

Image: BuzzFeed

A spokesperson for McDonald’s Singapore said that the company is “truly humbled and encouraged” that their ad received positive feedback.

The ad was developed by advertising company DDB and was done with the aim of celebrating “Singapore’s community spirit of human kindness, sharing and togetherness during this Ramadan month.”

So much better than their 2013 ad which joked about the hazeWhen haze was at it’s highest of 300 PSI.

Westies, M’sia Will Decide The Fate of SG-KL High-Speed Rail Very Soon

If you didn’t know, the SG-KL high-speed rail isn’t a project that’s set in stone.

Image: straitstimes.com

True, an agreement was signed and tenders for the project were submitted.

But with the change in government for our lovely neighbouring country, things might just change because the prime minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir, had announced his intention to review all international contracts.

On 23 May, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir told the media that projects like the SG-KL High Speed Rail (HSR) will be decided “very soon”.

He also announced the dissolution of Land Public Transport Commission (Spad), the ones who were leading the negotiations for the HSR.

The project is estimated to cost Malaysia up to RM 50 billion.

The new Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, said that there was no decision on the HSR project yet.

However, they’ll have an answer “very soon”.

A Traffic Accident Helped Uncover Kidnapping-in-Progress

This kind of thing should only happen in movies. Why?

Because it requires a lot of coincidence and luck to happen. The kind of luck that’ll let you strike Toto top prize with $8 million pot.

But it happened, and in real life to boot (pun intended, you’ll get what I mean when you read on.)

Image: todayonline.com

On 21 May, a tailgating driver accidently crashed into the back of a while Audi Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. A woman who had her hands and legs tied together fell out of the boot of the car.

The police issued an online notice saying that there was a kidnapping near the Gaosheng bridge on May 21.

The suspect was 30-year-old male, Chen, who drove to Chengdu from Mianyang City.

He has been arrested by the police and confessed to his crime after interrogation by the police.

The investigation into the case continues.

Unbelievable, but it happened.

Netizen Post 4-Secs Video of Maggots in Ayam Brand Tuna, Ayam Brand Hits Back

First thing first, are you a fan of canned food?

When it comes to canned food, Ayam brand is probably one of the most reputable brands out there.

And the most well-known as well.

I mean I grew up learning how to sing their signature song. Tok-tok-tok-tok-tok, tok-tok-tok-tok-tok.

Okay, fine, you probably can’t hear me.

But here’s what happened.

On 14 May, Facebook user Linda Xue uploaded a 4-seconds video of a single maggot wriggling within the Ayam Brand tuna spread onto the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) Facebook page.

She claimed that she just opened the can before spreading the tuna. In other words, it was an unopened can.

On 23 May, Ayam Brand issued a statement.

Within the statement, they said that it’s impossible for any living specimen to “survive the sterilization process”.

After the tuna is sealed, it will undergo heat of more than 100 degrees celcius for more than an hour.

They also said that they will not be recalling the affected batch.

Ms Xue also posted a picture of the can, with 02-11-2020 as the Best Before date.

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