How to Untie Curry / Drink Package


Last Updated on 2020-11-08 , 2:37 pm

For ages, we have struggled to find the correct spot.

Gritted our teeth as we try to squeeze our fat fingers in.

Spent eons attempting to open it up.

But in the end, we would always fail. And I would end up seeking help from the real head of the family…

My mum.

And through some magical trick, she would always unveil it to expose the golden content within.


“Wow,” I would gasp with my girlfriend in unison.

And together we would ask the golden question:

How do we open these tight packages?

Well, it seems that the folks over at Reddit may have finally come across the solution.

Someone in Reddit Finally Asked This Question: How Do We Open These Tight Packages?

Lest you’re wondering, I’m talking about these tight packages.

Image; Imgur

Those aggravating loops. That intricate knot.

Truly, it’s the greatest obstacle to mankind since my Aunt Matilda’s existence.

And so, it’s hardly surprising that someone would ask the golden question: “Is there a trick to opening these?”

Though it is surprising that it would take this long for someone to ask, but moving on.

Recently, Reddit user Enum1 asked the very pertinent question, including the following phrase: “I get these as part of my breakfast delivery and they are always super tight.”

He has no idea how it feels like to have prata without curry because of this first-world problem.

Unsurprisingly, the post garnered 388 upvotes in the span of mere hours, a sheer testament to how aggravating the looped knot has proved for all of us.

Netizens also flooded the comments section, in what appears to be a desperate bid for answers.

And thankfully, they were handsomely rewarded for their efforts.


Spinning… And Pulling

Amidst the comments section, it seems that the general consensus is that the spinning method works the best.

To utilise the spinning method, simply hold the green string and start to spin it the other way. As this Redditor stated so clearly:

Image: Reddit

Though it should be noted that there may be a much simpler trick to undoing the knot of death.

And the best part’s that it’s explained via video form:

According to the tutorial, one only needs to pull the start of the nylon string, which resembles the following:

Image: Youtube (Average Singaporean)

And after a careful yank (during which you hold the packet with your other hand to stabilise it), it will come out, smooth and easy.

Image: Youtube (Average Singaporean)
Image: Youtube (Average Singaporean)

And to think that we’ve spent so many years grunting and cursing as we pull at strings…

Truly, it’s testament to just how young and foolish we were.

Other Methods

It should be noted that the aforementioned methods aren’t the only ones either; Redditors also suggested alternative ways that could work…

Though in all honesty, these should be taken with a huge scoop of salt, if not you’ll be drenched in curry.


Some, for instance, recommended the art of drinking ‘straight from the source’.

Image: Reddit

Others proposed the use of a shotgun.

Image: Reddit

I think he was just kidding since we’ve only got SAR21.

And one has obviously been watching too much Mr Bean.

Image: Reddit

For the record, this happens when you try to do something like that.



But here’s the thing.

Apparently, we’ve all learnt the magical trick before.

Image: Reddit

However, it’s not verified so don’t worry, you’ve not failed your home economics teacher. Yet.

And to end things off, here’s a Nobel winning entry for how these things work:

Image: Reddit

Well, guess we all finally figured out the basis of the trick.


And so, with that said, you’re now a proud graduate of the ‘How to untie curry/drink packets like a pro’ crash course. So go out there, buy one packet from the coffeeshop auntie and make her watch with utmost shock and respect as you unravel the string before her.

It’s a new era, people. And we rule it now.

P.s. Please don’t invent any more knots though.

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