Hidden EZ-Link Vending Machine Now Even Sells EZ-Charms Like The Eevee EZ-Link Charm

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Just a couple of days ago, Goody Feed revealed the not-so-secret hidden vending machine (first spotted by Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook Page, of course) selling EZ-Link cards for as low as $5.

And they weren’t just any ol’ Ez-Link either. They had adorable Doraemon designs, Disney Tsum Tsum, Line Friends and even Star Wars.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Here are some of the EZ-Link designs going at $5:

  • Doraemon EZ-Link
  • Star Wars EZ-Link
  • Fortune Cat EZ-Link
  • Line Friends EZ-Link

Plus, gone are the days where you’d have to rush to the nearest convenience store to try to get your hands on some adorable EZ-Link card or Charm and fight with a million people.

Let’s face it, half of these people are just gonna resell them on Carousell for profit or at the very least buy 10,000 extra EZ-Link charms for their sister, daughter, father, mother, grandma.

Now, you can just pop by Bugis Junction and visit the vending machine to see what adorable EZ-Link charms and cards are available.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Hidden EZ-Link Vending Machine Now Even Sells EZ-Charms Like The Eevee EZ-Link Charm

And it looks like this Bugis Junction Vending Machine is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Word on the street is that you can also get your hands on the super adorable Eevee EZ-Link Charm.

Now lest you’re unaware, EZ-Link released a whole collection of Pokemon EZ-Charms in various designs such as our favourite forever sleeping Snorlax.

Now, this Bugis Junction vending machine stocks the Eevee EZ-Link Charm.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)


For those who don’t know, EZ-Charms are a series of EZ-Link cards in the form of a trinket.

They can be used on buses, trains, taxis, river taxis, shopping and dining.

Basically, it works like any other EZ-Link card, but it’s a whole lot cuter.


Do note however that EZ-Charms only have a validity period of three years from the date of encoding.

So what’re you waiting for?

The hidden vending machine is located at Bugis Junction and hidden by a pillar, between 6ixty8ight and Sharetea.

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