Vet Staff Suspended For Mocking Deaf Cat & Playing With Dog’s Castrated Balls; Posted It Online


Last Updated on 2019-11-15 , 11:37 pm

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to another episode of Headlines You Thought You’d Never Read. In today’s episode, we have a veterinary clinic with staff members who have the sense of humour of a sociopathic toddler.

When we bring our pets to the vet, we expect the doctor and staff to take care of it and nurse it back to health.

So when some of then start making fun of our deaf cats and playing with our dog’s castrated testicles as a joke, we’re outraged, to say the least.

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S’pore Vet Suspends Nurses For Playing With Dog’s Castrated Balls & Posting It Online

Veterinary clinic Ohana VetCare recently suspended two nurses for “inappropriate behaviour” while they were interacting with animals under their care.

This suspension comes after netizens came across two videos on Instagram stories which showed the two nurses engaging in what many saw as acts of cruelty.

The first video, posted by a staff member named Janice, shows a nurse making fun of a deaf cat in the clinic.

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The cat had recently undergone a surgery that rendered it deaf, and the staff in the video clapped loudly near its ears to poke fun at the poor animal’s deafness.

I know what you’re thinking – Who thinks it’s funny to make fun of a deaf animal?

Well, someone who also thinks its funny to juggle dog testicles, that’s who. Another video uploaded on Instagram stories shows staff members bouncing a dog’s castrated testicles off the table and floor. At one point, one staff member even juggles the two testicles.

You can watch the video here, but I must warn you, it’s rather graphic.


What makes it worse is that they were laughing the whole time.

Ohana Apology

On Wednesday (Oct 13), Ohana Vetcare responded in a lengthy Facebook post, saying that while the staff’s actions were “inexcusable”, they would not be fired.

Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)
Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)
Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)
Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)

You’re probably not in the mood to read a novel, so here’s the gist of what they said;

  • They start off talking about how they started the company and how hard it was
  • They said they were “heartbroken” after seeing the videos
  • They describe the two staff members in the videos and talk about their capability and compassion
  • They called the staff members’ actions “inexcusable” but clarified that while they will be taking disciplinary action, they would not terminate them because it was simply “immature”
  • They end with an apology

The problem with their post, however, is that their apology doesn’t seem sincere.

Firstly, many paragraphs are devoted to their difficult start as a business, which seems irrelevant.

Secondly, while they did call the staff’s actions “inexcusable”, they seem more concerned with the tarnished image of their clinic than their staff’s behaviour.

For instance, when they say that they were “heartbroken” after seeing the videos, the next sentence is: “I imagined Ohana as a perfect little baby but now there is a large ugly mark on the baby”.

Moreover, their apology is barely an apology:

“We have always strived to be transparent and what you see when you are around is who we are behind closed doors. Wei and I are sorry that these videos cast so much doubts on this.”

They have since deleted the post.


They then shared another Facebook post on Wednesday (Nov 13), but much shorter this time.

They called the staff’s behaviour “wholly inappropriate” and said they have suspended both staff members.

Netizens, however, were not impressed.

Netizen response

Some referred to the clinic’s previous post and felt like it was a blatant attempt to defend themselves.

Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)
Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)
Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)

Others felt like a suspension was not harsh enough, and that the girls should have been fired.

Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)

But some defended the clinic, saying they still had faith in the owners.

Image: Facebook (Ohana VetCare)

While I agree that humans make mistakes and should be given an opportunity to learn from them and grow, they should also face consequences for their misdeeds.

Termination would force them to understand that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.