[Video] Dad Hanging His 7-Yr-Old Son Above a River for Not Doing Homework Will Make You Love Your Childhood


Now, before you ask, yeah, they’re Chinese. Was there ever any doubt? So before you go around complaining about your “shitty childhood” and “strict parents”, remember that at least they didn’t dangle you off an HDB block.

This father dangled his son over a goddamn river. Because the kid didn’t do his math homework.

Take a look.


What did your parents do when you “forgot” to do your math homework?

Oh, and by the way, the bystanders were laughing. Laughing. Not telling the father he should probably stop this, even though the kid was crying and obviously traumatised. At most some were expressing worry at the boy’s safety, but apparently not enough to interfere with what was obviously A+ parenting.

The kid might get an A+ for his math, but he’s never going to look at math problems the same way again. You’re not going to foster any enthusiasm for math if every time the kid thinks of math he thinks of the time he nearly drowned in a river because of his own dad.

Oh yeah, he’s probably going to fail his math somewhere down the line too. Congratulations, dad, for making your son love math.

Comparatively, we probably all had much better childhoods. At least it wasn’t death by drowning if we failed an exam.

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